Be Annuity Marketing Smart – Use Science Instead of Art in Direct Mail

Written by admin on May 16th, 2011

I have a lot of fun listening to annuity agents and their ideas about marketing and lead generation. One of my favorite methods of lead generation is direct mail. I have found through the years that direct mail is effective and leads to sales. Many agents think it is old fashioned and a waste of time and money. Not me.

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The reason it works for me is because I leave nothing to chance and I am thorough in researching before spending my marketing budget. If you are basing your marketing strategy on guesses, advice from other agents or merely wishful thinking you are not being effective. No researching your marketing efforts is a sure sign of failure and complete loss of control over your lad generation.

Each consecutive step in a marketing plan is linked to the success of the previous step, one wrong move not based on research can destroys your chances for lead generation. Direct mail marketing is about knowledge, being specific in target marketing and understanding existing facts about previous returns.

Almost every company in this business will provide you with estimated statistics and using those numbers to make your marketing selection is the smart money decision. Direct mail is really a science and should be approached in that manner. Know your market and understand what your expected results will be before you mail. If the results are not accurate or as desired then it needs to be fixed.

I suggest you use the services of the mailing company and ask to see past return statistics based on your target market and your demographics. If the mailing company cannot provide you with verifiable statistics then find another mailing source. I always ask for referrals to other agents who have used their services. This is just being marketing smart.

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