Google Finance gets a new look and feel in 2020!

Written by adminx on October 12th, 2020

Google finance use to be one of the main source of financial news, up to date stock prices and more until they stopped paying attention to it. They even removed their famous Google finance app in Android.

Good News! Finally Google realizes its an important asset in their online offerings and released a new major upgrade to their financial platform in 2020.

The new Google Finance UI looks simple, sleek and fast. All the information you want to track, watchlist, latest financial news, earnings calendar, your top movers, etc., are at your fingertips in this new design.

Google Finance Makeover 2020

New Google Finance FullScreen

You can also find Market trends with Most active stocks, gainers, losers and trending in the bottom of the screen.

A new section called Discover more will help you find other related stocks based on your portfolio.

We checked Google play store to see if there is a new Google Finance App for Android in 2020, unfortunately as of this writing that’s not there however Google finance website is now responsive which means it adapts to mobile and works like a mobile app.

Google Finance in Android

Overall this is a pretty good upgrade to Google finance in web and mobile after a very long time, share your thoughts in comments!

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