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Written by admin on May 9th, 2011

Successful annuity agents are those who position themselves as the “expert” in their field. An expert is held in higher regard than a salesperson. An expert substitutes the sales presentation for a polished dialog of probing, educated questions that expose symptoms of financial disorder. After proper diagnosis, an expert does not attempt a close. An expert simply prescribes a cure, finishes up the paperwork and moves on to the next patient or client, the unspoken question being, “Do you want to stay sick or do you want to get well?”

Experts are experts because their reputation precedes them. It’s all in the setup. There is no reality, only perception. If the prospect first hears about you by reading your newspaper article, you are already the expert. People want to be clients of experts for many reasons, including bragging rights. Sales transactions are pretty much understood even before appointments are set. Your starting point in the sales process is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Your annuity lead program is uniquely personal. And one of the most powerful ways of becoming the expert while generating referral-quality leads is through systematically submitting topical, high-content news articles for publication in hometown Senior newspapers.

Newspapers hunger for news and will gladly print informative content, especially from a local expert whose specialty is of interest to their readers. Articles of 400 and 600 words in length should be submitted periodically, should be informational (not a sales pitch) and filled with take-home value. The author’s name, photo and contact information is included in case readers wish to pursue additional information or contact the expert about specific concerns. There is no cleaner annuity lead program, no higher quality lead than a news article inquiry.

Unfortunately, most successful annuity advisors don’t have the time to write compelling news copy. I’ve known successful agents barely capable of constructing one-word sentences. But now, a limited number of agents have the opportunity to participate in our News Article Expert Annuity Lead Program.

In the time-honored tradition of ghostwriting, I provide qualifying agents with a new article each month, packed with vital information on Senior financial issues. Territories are exclusive to avoid overlapping geography, and I include my author’s release of copyright allowing you to list your name as author, your photo and contact information.

If you are a licensed life insurance agent not currently contracted through Life Sales and wish to begin or advance your career selling fixed annuities, our News Article Expert Annuity Lead Program is for you. Come onboard with two or more of our carriers-Allianz, ING, Sun Life Financial, or American Equity- and receive 200 leads as a signing bonus. Then with your first 2000 QPCs (roughly ,000 in paid business depending on carrier and product) in any one month, within two months of coming onboard, you’ll receive your free six-month subscription to our News Article Expert Annuity Lead Program. Remember, territories are exclusive and you will receive my ghostwriter release of copyright.

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