UK Home Owner Loan Application Reasons

Written by admin on May 9th, 2011

If you have a bad credit rating or a credit report which shows defaults and County Court Judgements (CCJs), it can be difficult to get a loan at a reasonable interest rate. One option that is useful for people with a bad credit rating is a homeowner loan. A homeowner loan is a secured loan that provides security for lenders and money for borrowers.

A secured loan is a good option for people with outstanding debts who also own a home. As long as there is equity in the home, there will be lenders to offer loans. In addition, secured loans have better interest rates than unsecured loans, because there is less risk to lenders. This can be more cost-effective than managing debt through credit cards or high interest loans.

How Homeowner Loans Work

Whether a property is owned outright or mortgaged, the homeowner can borrow against the equity in the house. Some lenders require a valuation of the house. Lenders will also deduct any existing debt from the amount they are prepared to lend. Homeowner loans typically allow borrowers to have up to 85% of the value of their home, though some lenders will lend up to 125% of the value of the home. This will depend on the lender’s assessment of the likelihood of being repaid.

How To Choose A Homeowner Loan

Choosing a homeowner loan is as simple as visiting a loan comparison site and filling in the required information. This includes your home ownership status, the amount you want to borrow, the purpose of the loan as well as name, address and other personal details.

If you are borrowing more than £25,000, you need to be aware that loans over this amount are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). However, you can find out from the FSA whether the lender is reputable. It’s best to do this before signing on the dotted line. Borrowers should also look very carefully at the terms and conditions as a secured loan gives the loan company a charge over your home. This is a first charge, if you own it outright, and a second charge if it is mortgaged. This is how the lenders ensure that the loan will be repaid even if something happens to the borrower.

What You Can Do With A Homeowner Loan

Many large expenses come up in the course of time. A homeowner loan can be a good way of funding private education, a university course, a wedding, a new car, a holiday home, home improvements to your existing home or a new business. You can also use homeowner loan to consolidate existing debt and pay it off at a better interest rate.

How To Manage A Homeowner Loan

The best way to manage a homeowner loan is to make the required repayments on time and in full. Missing payments or paying less than the required amount will not just damage your credit rating, but could result in the loss of your home. Since a homeowner loan is a secured loan, loan companies will be able to claim the money from the value of your house if there is a default. It is best to assess your financial circumstances and ability to pay before taking out a homeowner loan.

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