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Written by admin on May 12th, 2011

What is a lead really? What guidelines should an agent use to define a reasonable lead? The quality of the lead should be based on two agendas.

1. Can I see them under favorable conditions? Will they visit with me about their personal situation? Will they listen to new and different ideas? Will they be honest?

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2. Does the prospect fit into my target market for my products? Does it appear they have available capital for my products? Will the benefits my products provide enhance their financial situation? Their personal situation?

The difference between leads is based on the perception of the prospect. I sue the following lead generation sources to provide the “beginning” relationships with my clients. Each one has value and overall using a mixture of lead generation sources is the safest method of lead marketing

Leads fall into four categories:

1. Information. These leads are originated based on a desire for information. An example would be a direct mail piece offering information about a specific idea or concept such as tax savings on social security etc. Internet leads are also information based and are included in this category. The difference between direct mail leads and the internet is speed in which the agent receives the lead. The sooner the lead is contacted the greater the response success. A direct mail piece may cost 0 per 1000 mailers and could provide 20-40 leads but these leads are the weakest because the person requesting information has no knowledge or relationship with the end agent. What may appear to be an inexpensive method could require additional investment to obtain the desired results. The huge benefit direct mail provides is activity, the agent is busy and the result of activity is more opportunities to find qualified prospects thus sales.

2. Farm and Fuzzy. These leads are derived from a close relationship with the prospect in a non threatening situation where group protection is provided, such as a seminar. The prospect can observe the agent and make certain judgments without having to enter into any personal relationships prior to making an appointment commitment.

3. Celebrity. These leads are derived generally from observation by the prospect as to the agent’s specialty, such as an agent’s radio program. The agent is the expert and therefore an automatic respect is generated.

4. Referral. A referral is an extension of an existing relationship to a new relationship. The difficulty of gaining respect and trust is helped by the common denominator, the person providing the referral.

None of these lead sources will provide a definite sale and the use of leads to provide sales is essential to the successful agent’s career. The cost involved in obtaining leads can be in a direct relationship to the quality of the appointments or first meetings.

For me, activity is the key; I see a large volume of people and base my success on the “Law of Large Numbers.”

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