Annuity Lead Generation Needs to Be Multi-Faceted – Don’t Make the Mistake of One Step Marketing

Written by admin on May 6th, 2011

Marketing for annuity leads should never be one sided nor narrowly focused. Concentrating on just seminars, radio or direct mail as an only source of lead generation is a mistake. Marketing companies attempting to interest their agents (and new agents) with the latest and greatest marketing plan is just not good marketing sense. Marketing plans should be multi-faceted and directed towards your specified target market.

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Many annuity sales organizations will invent a new marketing approach which usually falls into the category of “One Stop Marketing.” The strategy is normally based on one idea and one approach to obtaining annuity leads. These marketing systems are everywhere and they are a big money waster. The prospect is now expected to respond to this type of marketing piece by immediately purchasing the annuity product.

The secret to effective annuity lead generation is a multi pronged approach to a specific target market. By using 3-4 different marketing approaches allows you to adjust the effort without stopping the lead generation in total. The more successful approaches are those who offer information (value) for a response, such as a direct mail approach. The value given then provides the basis for beginning to build a relationship which has an opportunity to grow to a counselor/client end.

Careful record keeping is needed to evaluate how the marketing budget is used and how efficient the lead generation can be. Knowing which lead generators are winners and which as losers can be determined by the records.

I like to know which leads evolved into appointments and which made it to my drip system. My ratio is 25% initial appointments, 35% to the drip and the balance are thrown out.

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