Timing Is the Marketing Key – Make Sure You Understand How Timing Effects Annuity Sales

Written by admin on May 16th, 2011

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing. I want to buy a new car but have to wait for a year but in the meantime I visit several cars dealerships. Of course the salesperson does everything possible to sell me a car that day but how many follow up with me and make their services available on a regular basis. My experience has been zero.

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Being an effective marketer means being persistence and being repetitive in prospect contact. Way too many annuity agents spend too much time and money attracting the prospect and far too little time and money in keeping in contact with the prospect. The effort was made to acquire the prospect but since sales are really a timing issue, no real effort is made to grow the prospect to client status.
Experienced marketers know two important facts about converting a prospect to a client.
Prospects almost never buy immediately, it takes 5-8 contacts before a sales situation develops.

Prospects almost always buy from the first agent they speak to, if the agent has kept in touch.

Timing is the key. Your prospect may not be ready to make a decision. They may have more personal issues that are a bigger priority. They may not have developed a high enough level of trust with you. They may have more questions about how an annuity could benefit their personal situation. It could be any one of a 100 issues, as I say Timing is the Key.

By following up repeatedly and staying in front of your prospect you have an advantage in converting the prospect to a client. A consistent system for staying in touch on an informative way is essential to marketing success.

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