Make Huge Annuity Sales by Setting Your Marketing Plan – Learn How to Target Market

Written by admin on May 16th, 2011

Directing your marketing to “everyone” but to “no one” as a target guarantees that your marketing will be ignored. Many insurance agents have failed to determine who their target market is, the demographics of their target market and how to reach them effectively and efficiently. The mistake of not selecting and marketing to a specified target market.

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This is a critical part of any marketing effort, knowing who you are marketing to. By not setting target market guidelines for the marketing you will lose focus on the desired end result. Errors could be running vague and generic advertisements s in mass media, such as local newspapers, magazines, radio, television and internet web sites.

Your “hope” is that by presenting your “generic” message about your business to the largest number of people, the result will be the highest number of new clients. Wrong.

Effective marketing doesn’t work that way. The fact is only a small percentage of the those being advertized to will have a need and there will be no motivating factor to contact you. Some agents may have a hard time believing this but it’s true. Everyone does not need or want your product or your services. (annuities aren’t for everyone, remember that)

By not targeting your marketing to your logical prospects, you are wasting most of your marketing dollars on people who have little or no interest in your product or service. As an example if there are only 500 target marketed prospects for your insurance product out of 10,000 possible readers of a publication, why would you want to spend thousands of dollars presenting your message over and over to the 9,500 non qualified prospects? To me that is ineffective target marketing, that is wasteful marketing.

Select your target market and write a marketing plan directed at it.

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