The Importance of Qualified Annuity Leads

Written by admin on May 3rd, 2011

As a person looking to profit from the annuity business, you must realize the importance of leads. The fact of the matter is that no annuity business can be successful without generating leads. There are basically two types of annuity prospects that you can get: raw annuity leads and qualified annuity leads.

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Raw leads are based on demographics, such as age and ethnicity, while qualified leads are based on interested prospects. The difference in collection criterion makes these two types of leads different from each other; and makes qualified prospects more suitable for your business than raw leads.

A qualified annuity investor provides you the confidence that the person you are contacting is not just a random individual who was sorted according to his age or some other criterion not related to your business, but is actually someone who is interested in annuity insurance, has knowledge of what you can provide, and is willing to communicate with you to get more details. These factors make qualified annuity buyers a better option for your business.

So how can you find some qualified prospects? One method of finding these prospects is to contact a company that offers lead generation services. The charges for such leads can range from to 0 per lead. While selecting a company make sure that it is legitimate and provides good leads. Companies that pay for every generated lead and set daily targets are normally bad options.

Qualified annuity prospects can provide you access to people who have an interest in annuity insurance.

Some other important things to consider.

Pre-set appointments typically don’t work. The prospects aren’t qualified and it’s expensive to harvest in this manner.

The way the prospect was harvested is important. Typically I like web-generated or direct mail generated leads.

Buying ten leads and measuring your results is a poor way to gauge the quality of the leads. If you find a trusted lead source you’ll want to invest in a hundred plus leads and develop a solid system for contacting prospects and drip-marketing to those open leads. Overtime an agent should be able to generate a 10% closure rate.

Stick with your lead program, patience is key to success. I know agents who are generating hundreds of thousands of dollars a year just from web-leads. Some agents have gotten so successful converting web-leads they no longer use other prospecting methods.

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