Be Smart, Become a Celebrity, Create Your Own Radio Show, Generate Constant Annuity Lead Flow

Written by admin on May 13th, 2011

Annuity agents: Be smart and get control of your own marketing and manage your lead flow by creating your own radio show. If you are not familiar with radio, it can be intimidating. It really si a matter of experience and understanding he process. One way to short circuit the process is to use a “turn-key” system where the actual work is outsourced to professionals. Creating your own annuity radio show is much simpler than you might expect.

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The broadcast is through a special microphone attached to your computer, the script is provided, the show is recorded, a professional sound engineer converts it to radio quality, the media specialist finds the best radio spot and the show is broadcasted. Leads are sent directly to you and the radio “celebrity.”

Leads are captured by our answering system 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The leads are transferred via the internet to you immediately and without any delay. If it is not possible to make an appointment immediately, the lead is placed in our special drip system which keeps in contact with them until the timing is right for a meeting.

You should expect about 5 callers per show which will be 20-25 leads per month. Additional leads are easily available by increasing the amount of radio time and by adding more stations to air your show. Costs vary depending on regions and demographics but an average of ,000 to ,500 a month would be a very reasonable budget.

Your own radio show will provide you with a constant flow of leads, will establish you as a local “celebrity” in your marketing area and allow you to completely outsource the whole process to a professional organization.

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