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Written by admin on May 5th, 2011

Any annuity agent will agree that selling annuities survive on successful lead generation. Lead generation is even more important than the product and the presentation. This does not mean that you can sell just anything with good leads. But even the best products do not work without good leads. Leads are the lifelines of annuity sales. Good leads can land you up with interested prospects and then it will be up to you and your product to win them over. However without the appropriate leads you will end up looking around haplessly for people who will buy your annuities as the majority of the people you have talked to would have turned you away without even listening yiu out as they do not have any interest in the product at all. Good leads segregate people interested in buying annuities from people who will not invest in them and this way half your work is done when you go out to make a sale. So if you are selling annuities or are planning to do so, it is a very good idea to get your leads.

Legitimate leads are of two types. These are raw leads and qualified leads. Raw leads are based on demographics. These are leads that are prepared after statistical surveys, according to age groups, gender groups, ethnicities etc. These leads help you to locate your target group. However it does not locate the interested buyers yet. However with these leads you have still narrowed down your search and have the contacts of the people in your target group. You profit the most however from a list of qualified lists. Qualified annuity leads contain a list of people who have interest in buying annuities, know what you are selling and are interested in knowing further. Thus you have a set of people who are willing to talk to you and hear it out. So the task of searching them out is not yours any more and you can concentrate on the selling.

Such annuity leads are generated by lead generating companies. You can approach them for generating leads for you. Raw annuity leads usually cost between 10¢ and 75¢ per lead while qualified annuity leads are priced between and per lead. You need to be careful while looking for these leads as there are many scams and companies that generate poor leads. When looking for a led generating company it is a good idea to check their mode of working. How they pay their staff can be a good indication of their services. Generally companies, who pay their staff for every lead generated or set up a definite target to fill in a day, are not efficient lead generating companies. It is better to stay away from them.

There are other options as well for generating annuity leads. There is the referral system which is an excellent way of generating leads. You might feel hesitant to ask for a referral from a past client. But if you can overcome this hesitation then you can get valuable leads as these are one of the tested methods of annuity lead generation.

Annuity leads are an absolute essential for selling annuities.

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