Irs Levy Case Studies

Written by admin on May 5th, 2011

Wage Garnishments

Glen H. (Philadelphia, PA)
His Social Security payments were being garnished. Instant Tax Solutions (ITS) was able to have the garnishment released by qualifying his IRS account to be placed in a Currently Non-Collectible status. Subsequently, ITS submitted an Offer in Compromise for Glen and settled his ,700 tax debt for ,000.

Robert R. (Lynn, MA)
As a 1099 subcontractor, 1099 invoices due him had been frozen. ITS was able to prove to the IRS that his monthly expenses exceeded his monthly income. The levy was released enabling him to pay his current living expenses. Robert is currently pursuing an Offer in Compromise with ITS representation.

Barbara D. (Virginia Beach, VA)
Barbara is a government employee. Her government wages were being garnished for 15% of her paycheck through the Federal Payment Levy Program. ITS negotiated with the IRS to set up an Installment Agreement for her and release the garnishment. It took several weeks of wading through government red tape before the garnishment was lifted.

John S. (Abbottstown, PA)
John is a subcontractor for a large home improvement chain, installing carpet. Previous to retaining ITS services, John had his 1099 invoices garnished repetitively. ITS was able to work with his payroll department educating them that a 1099 garnishment is a one-time levy against the current unpaid invoice only. As a result, future 1099 invoices were not affected. ITS then assisted John by setting up an Installment Agreement and removing ,300 in penalties from his tax liability.

Joseph H. (Longview, WA)
Joseph owed over 0,000 due to a failed business and unfiled tax returns. The IRS had filed SFR returns for him. ITS was able to negotiate an Installment Agreement for Joseph with his Revenue Officer and get his levy leased before his next paycheck. ITS later filed original returns for 2 of the tax years, reducing his tax liability by approximately ,000.

Bank Account Levies

Bryan H. (Wichita, KS)
His father’s checking and savings accounts were levied for ,000 due to Bryan’s outstanding tax liability. ITS was able to prove that Bryan was an authorized signer only on these accounts and the funds did not belong to him. As a result, the IRS released the bank levy. ITS then submitted a request for Offer in Compromise that is pending IRS acceptance.

Robert S. (Pleasantville, NY)
The IRS levied his checking account for ,600. ITS was able to obtain a partial release of ,000 to enable him to pay his immediate living expenses. ITS then set up an Installment Agreement for Robert with the IRS to pay off the remaining tax liability.

Marissa L. (Las Vegas, NV)
Her bank accounts were levied for ,100. ITS obtained a release of the levy by submitting a promise from Barbara to pay the account off in 60 days. She was unable to meet the 60-day deadline. ITS was able to prevent another levy by negotiating with the IRS to set up an Installment Agreement that was affordable for her.

Dave N. (Burbank, CA)
Two of his personal bank accounts were levied for ,200. ITS was able to get a full release by proving Dave needed the money to meet his payroll obligations. ITS then set up an Installment agreement for Dave.

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