Problems in the USA

Written by admin on May 15th, 2011

like a bump on a log in some government building pushing papers for 20 years with eight weeks vacation, 12 days sick leave, medical, dental, retirement, freedom from termination, no worries about how business is doing, and getting double or triple what their friends and neighbors make in a bad economy, well this person is always going to want to go back to the way things were. The problem with secession is the people in these states that benefit from the government programs and jobs do not want to leave the union, some states will at least attempt to leave and some probably will. Some states will probably group together and merge into new nations.

A lot of new immigrants will probably return to their home country or look elsewhere for a handout nation where the politicians sell handouts for votes. For secession Obama is the perfect President, could not ask for a better choice when it comes to breaking up the USA into individual nations. Let’s see what happens.

Montana has drawn a line in the sand with their new gun law. This allows companies in Montana to manufacture guns and sell them in Montana free of any federal controls. Guns are the thorn in the side of oppressive governments. Montana is hitting them where it hurts most to see what happens. Obama will more than likely do nothing not risking an encounter with Montana. Montana residents will grab a gun and enforce their rights and this attitude is not something Obama wants to tangle with. More states will follow suit with gun laws and other laws. Eventually they will get around to sacred cow tipping like taxes, coining their own money, setting up their own banks immune form the fed, restricting federal powers in their state etc. Georgia in a bill they passed said the federal government only has the right under the constitution to arrest people for Treason, Piracy and Slavery. Posse comitatus used to apply to federal agents. The original FBI agents did not carry guns, bet you did not know that.

Here’s a good question. Where will the tax police, agriculture police, border police, transportation police, park police, forest police, gun police, food and drug police, judges that do not follow the law etc. go to live if the USA breaks up? Not sure anyone would want them, tolerate having them, or trust them knowing their skill sets and training in these states that have seceded. Good question, huh.

-Aurelia Masterson,

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