Use an Asset Search Investigation to Recover Unpaid Child Support

Written by admin on May 15th, 2011

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There is absolutely no reason why any parent should have to struggle day in and day out by raising an innocent child without any help, simply because their ex has turned their back on their own child and refused to make any type of attempt at paying the child support that a judge has ordered them to pay. Sadly, there are a countless number of deadbeats running around all over the world, doing as they please, and all the while continuing to show refusal in paying for their responsibilities. Innocent children and parents that are having to make due on their own need to realize that there is something they can do to obtain the money that they deserve. You can use the information that is obtained from an asset search investigation to recover unpaid child support.

This particular type of investigation is GLB compliant, and it is a service that is becoming increasingly popular for parents that would like to locate hidden assets that their ex may be hiding. By doing so, it gives them the opportunity to build a case against them to obtain the child support that they have already been ordered to pay. As the old saying goes, ‘there is more than one way to skin a cat’, and if a deadbeat refuses to pay the money that is meant for the support of their children, innocent parents should check into the benefits that are offered in using an asset search investigation. It is one of the best sources of recovering unpaid child support that is available today. This is because the reports that the private investigator finds, can be used in a court of law, by the parent that is trying to collect on child support judgments.

Once you give the investigator the name, street address, telephone number, and social security number of the parent that is refusing to support your child, the expert can complete the investigation that will find hidden bank accounts and assets. Just think, if the report comes back to show any real estate, vehicles, companies, boats, checking or savings accounts, investments, or businesses in your ex’s name, you may very well be able to recover the child support that is due you. Because of the fact that this type of investigation requires very little effort on the innocent parent’s part, there are more and more individuals that are using an asset search investigation to successfully recover unpaid child support.

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