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Written by admin on May 15th, 2011

Introduction – What we are going to do here is look at a number of problems facing the USA. This article will be cynical. The idea is we are trying to illustrate the massive amount of problems they are facing so you can act accordingly.

Banks – Bank failures keep coming. People have become so conditioned to them they hardly pay attention anymore. The USA has had 29 bank failures this year so far.

Homes and Mortgages – One in every 159 USA homes received a foreclosure notice JUST in the first quarter of 2009. Shocking. There were over 800,000 foreclosures in the first quarter of 2009. March 2009 foreclosures were 46% higher than they were a year earlier. In Nevada during the first quarter of 2009 one in every 27 homes received a foreclosure notices.

Jobs Lost – Two million more jobs lost in 2009. In March alone 663,000 jobs lost. In the last 16 months 5.1 million jobs were lost, two thirds of those in the last five months. The government admits to 13 million unemployed. They tend to not count those whose unemployment benefits have run out and are still not working, those who gave up looking, and those who took part time work and those who retired early. The real figure is probably closer to 20 million or more. Obama is creating non-productive jobs in the public sector, government jobs. The private sector jobs are rapidly going away. Government jobs do not build an economy; they do not even sustain one. The real jobs are gone.

Police State – The constitution is basically being ignored by those working in the various governments that have taken an oath to enforce it. People have no rights any more. Courts no longer appoint a lawyer to those who cannot afford one. They ask the people to fill out an affidavit attesting to finances and sometimes they appoint one, sometimes not and in that case the judge is supposed to protect the rights of the defendant. Not kidding here, it is true.

The first conflict of interest is the judge is paid by the government. How is he supposed to favor a defendant against his employer? The system is flawed and now it is coming into its fullness. Now there are checkpoints inside the USA run by border patrol up to 100 miles inside the USA. Soon these checkpoints will be applied when you cross state lines and the no fly list will be enforced on people driving across state lines. The “border” checkpoints are applied to people traveling within the USA. Police search with impunity anything or anyone they want. All records Internet, bank, phone, etc are open to the government at all times.

The police have taken to using tasers on people who are reluctant to obey their verbal commands. These tasers are never used if the officer thinks his life is in jeopardy, for this they have guns. These devices are used to condition the public to blindly obey the police and rapidly with no questioning tolerated at all, zero tolerance. Tasers don’t save life; they actually kill a large amount of people each year yet they are being used (abused) by more and more police departments each month.

Crime – Crime is on the rise in the USA. Frauds are way up. One in every 31 adults is in the criminal justice system in the USA. This is the highest in the world and the true test of a police state. The streets are not safe. The people do not feel safe in their homes. Home alarm systems sales are soaring. People are buying firearms in record numbers. This year alone 1.5 billion rounds of personal ammunition were sold in the USA.

Who do you think the people are interested in protecting themselves against? Two groups – the criminals and their government. When the people feel this way as evidenced by the gun sales no government can continue. In the face of this Obama wants to push for more gun control. When the people are happy, content, the economy is good, the crime rate is low the governments never go off on a gun control campaign. The government is afraid of the people and the people are afraid of the government. This is a state that can only exist temporarily. Either the people get their freedom back through a constitutional government, secession or the government wins and the people will lose even more rights than they have now. Like what you might say.

The freedom to live where they want inside the USA, freedom of choices in healthcare, freedom to travel, freedom to communicate freely, freedom to have an uncensored internet, freedom to travel outside the country, freedom to have a convertible currency, freedom to own gold, and many other freedoms can be removed. What do you think it would take to get the government to go back to a constitutional government? Good question.

Intrinsically Flawed Political Practices – The USA was a republic. One could not vote unless one owned land. One could be free but not vote unless they owned some land. Why? The founding fathers said if we do not take this measure those with nothing would eventually vote in politicians to take our wealth from us and distribute it to them for nothing, no fair exchange of labor for funds. And what happened.

Obama is creating more public sector jobs while he is losing private sector jobs and no country can ever survive like this. The concept of corporate welfare seemed to have escaped the founding fathers but they did severely limit the government from taxing them. They also laid out rules for a gold and silver coined monetary supply to prevent the banks from owning everything they have. The government did away with this in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act (many say this was an illegal act not correctly ratified by 2/3 of the states) and look what happened. The banks own everything and they ruined the country.

The politicians have a goal, which is to get elected and then reelected. They lie, cheat, steal, deceive and this is referred to as broken campaign promises. They get the poor people to vote for them through handouts. They get the wealthy corporations to support them through favorable laws, corporate welfare, contracts and other methods your mainstream media is never going to talk about because they are owned by these corporations. So they give out handouts for votes. Taxes go up. They print money like crazy that is worthless. The debt soars. They stifle business. New businesses do not start. Old businesses fail. Then they wind up where they are today printing more money to get votes. Problem is they have destroyed the core of the real businesses. The politicians would rather get reelected by destroying the economy instead of acting responsibly and losing the election. There are no fundamental changes coming from the politicians thus no end in sight until it collapses. It has to fail.

The Federal Reserve System – This is the core of the problem. The Federal Reserve System is a private bank owned by private owners who profit directly from this abomination created in 1913 at the same time the IRS was created which is just the collection arm of the Federal Reserve Bank. A brief explanation of this atrocity will explain why this is doomed to failure. The US Mint prints money for the Federal Reserve, which are called Federal Reserve notes but this only accounts for 3% of the money supply. The rest is computerized bookkeeping entries. Banks can loan out roughly 10 times what they have on deposit. They make money out of thin air. All the debts of the USA government, private companies and individual persons are owned by these private banks. It used to be that 20% of the tax dollars were used to pay the debt to this Federal Reserve, which winds up in the pockets of these private bankers controlling the Federal Reserve. With the recent increase in money supply this figure can go to 50% of the taxes collected. The Federal Reserve has never been audited, does not have to file a tax return and pays no taxes yet is a private corporation. Does Obama say hey lets go after the Federal Reserve and tax them to help the poor people? No he raises taxes instead. The Federal Reserve is a government-sanctioned tax haven for a select few of the elitists.

How Does the Federal Reserve Create the Damage – They buy ,000 of US debt called treasury bills. The money the Federal Reserve uses to buy this debt is created out of thin air. They then loan this ,000 to a bank and the bank has to pay the Federal Reserve the required fed funds interest rate. Banks refer to this as going to the fed window. The bank then loans this money to a borrower and is listed as an asset of the bank, the loan being the asset. Now the bank can make more loans using the ten times multiplier against this loan, which is listed as an asset in their flawed bookkeeping rules. This allows the banks to get interest on these loans.

More loans equals more assets and thus more loans. The more loans out there the more interest the Federal Reserve collects from the taxpayers and they call it things like national debt. It is basically impossible for the USA taxpayers to ever pay off the debt to the Federal Reserve. The banking system uses loans or debt as collateral instead of hard assets like silver and gold. This is why the constitution called for money to only be gold or silver coins so the government and the banks could not mess everything up. The Federal Reserve Bank has created slaves out of the people. How many people percentage wise in the USA understand the Federal Reserve. I would guess less than of 1%, probably closer to 1/4 of 1% best case. They do not teach this in the government run schools.

The sad thing is the money the Federal Reserve bankers got in their pockets has been used to buy buildings, land, houses, factories, airplanes, boats, cars, natural resources and governments. They

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