Annuity Leads – Retiree’s Waiting for Your Call

Written by admin on May 13th, 2011

If you buy low quality, cheap leads, you will pay the price in terms of disappointment. These types of leads are a waste of your time and money. I cannot stress the following point, “You pay for what you get.”

Over the years, I have heard it all concerning Internet leads. The majority of Internet leads are just retirees gathering data on the Internet to support their investment buying decisions with their current (local) planner. Do think a prospect would be interested in talking to an agent, when he did not request a call in the first place?

Trash leads as I call them, are names of individuals who went to a website to get a quote on immediate annuities, life insurance, or long term care, and their personal information is resold to insurance agents. The prospect has no idea that his information is being resold, since the prospect was just gathering information. This is why the so-called lead gets furious as you pitch an appointment to them.

If you actually saw the website that collects the information from the retiree, then you would never buy the lead in the first place. This is why the so-called lead company never shows you the collection websites. Many of these lead companies offer an e-book on specific products or general information, and then a telemarketer with the brains of ant calls the prospect to set the appointment. You go to the appointment, the woman answers, asks who you are, and then she tells you she is calling the police if you don’t leave immediately.

There is only one type of Internet lead that is high quality, and this is a lead which a prospect requests (first) for an agent to call and make an appointment. High quality leads watch our webinar, get hooked on an idea, and want an agent to call immediately. These types of leads are hot!

I cannot stress the importance of buying leads that are ready to take action, versus cold marketing approaches (such as seminars, postcards, or newspapers). Lock-up your area before your competition buys-out your area. These leads are not resold. Once you buy the lead all you have to do is call and go to the appointment. It’s that simple.

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