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Written by admin on May 13th, 2011

We provide one of the most inexpensive, high quality regional prospects obtainable:
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* 100% of leads are generated from our very own informational internet web sites.
* We never acquire somebody else’s leads.
* We only promote prospects once … completely unique.
* We provide the prospects instantly; they are as fresh as possible.

These prospects are exclusive which means just about every lead you purchase from us will by no means be sold again. Most lead retailers market the exact same lead several times, we don’t. Furthermore, the prospects are contemporary. Whenever a lead comes in, it can be assigned to an agent right away. We do not warehouse prospects.
Our Customers Know … We now have The top Game Heading!
Some of our longest expression prospective buyers have noted 0,000 of premium for each forty leads worked. All they’ve to complete is make the calls!
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We present you together with the booklet requested through the lead, “The Dirty Little Secrets About Annuities”.
Cost And Ordering
Our minimum leads purchase is really a bundle of 10 prospects at per lead, so your first buy would be 0. You may select a full state or numerous counties within that state, depending on how rapidly you would like your leads to are available in and how much away from you they are going to be. We strongly recommend you spending budget to buy a minimum of forty prospects and follow our method therefore the “Law of Bigger Numbers will assist you.

Some of our longest expression potential buyers have noted 0,000 of premium for every 40 leads worked. All they’ve to complete is make the calls! So, roughly for every single ,000 invested, an agent earns ,000 in commissions!

Don’t Miss This Chance!
We have a finite amount of prospects we harvest every month. We have been a private system for lots of many years. We have recently decided to open up our prospects inside a limited, semi-private engagement in all fifty states. As soon as locations are filled, they’re closed. We will haven’t any waiting lists. Both you obtain in or you must go elsewhere.

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