Mutual Fund Alternatives ? Big Gains, Low Risk and Even Better.

Written by admin on April 17th, 2011

You can enjoy it to. It offers the lot low risk and high returns 30% + per annum and offers a great mutual fund alternative.

Mutual funds offer high risk and low returns after inflation so if you want better returns and low risk then try this one.

Its overseas property investment, its cheaper and easier than most people think and the bonus is you not only get an appreciating asset, you can enjoy it to, by having your own home in paradise.

Consider this fact:

A property bought near the popular resort of Jaco in Costa Rica for ,000 just 15 years ago is worth as much as 0,000 today!

The downside volatility was low, while these huge gains were made.

But it gets better!

This investment not only gives you an appreciating asset, it also gives you a valuable rental income if you want it and the chance to own and visit your own slice of paradise.

An a mutual fund alternative it is not expensive and the returns and benefits are stunning.

It’s easy to do

There are plenty of companies to advice you on the best locations. Its tax efficient to and the buying process is easy and for peace of mind you get the same rights as residents?

Will these gains continue?

The answer is yes, because beach front property is up to 70% cheaper in Costa Rica and it’s only a 3 hour direct flight from the southern USA.

More Americans and foreign investors are buying than ever before and investment continues to grow making this a trend in motion that will continue for many years.

A simple choice

Let’s face it, mutual funds on the whole consider they do well if they make 12% per annum and with drawdowns up to 30% common and losing periods that last for years it’s not a great investment in terms of risk reward.

Overseas property in Costa Rica is affordable and offers much more and is a great mutual fund alternative you can actually enjoy as well

If you want 30% annual gains with low risk and an investment you can enjoy check out this mutual fund alternative and you may be glad you did.

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