LED Open Signs – The Next Wave in Storefront Advertising

Written by admin on April 17th, 2011

Business owners around the world are striving to embrace the digital technology that is available for them. They need to create bolder statements in front of their establishment when using boring lighted units that date backs several decades ago have lost their flair. Consumers in the streets these days are hard to entice with outdated advertising boards. These modern shoppers seek a more compelling and up-to-date storefront advertisements like LED open signs.

LED open signs are indeed the next wave in storefront advertising. They are replacing every lighted neon sign that is still hanging in front of most establishments in the district. There are fantastic reasons why entrepreneurs should make a shift into using these items. You see when it has become a struggle to fish out customers in the street the owners should commence using other enticing and more interesting baits. And, that is what these LED units are for.

These signs are far more distinctive in that they can be seen clearly even from a far distance. Customers can make out the words and read what the establishment is all about and not just see a blur of red lights from afar. These units also offer far more flexibility in that they can be programmed to flash any message the owner wants to give out to the public.

Although acquiring them will mean paying out a little more but the extra payment made will easily be paid off in years by lower power consumption and less maintenance needs of these modern ads. It’s true. The light-emitting diodes consume far less power so having them on for longer hours wouldn’t drain owners of money in their pockets. Since the bulbs takes a long time to burn out and there are no glass tubes that could easily break, these devices can be there in the front of the shop for a long, long time.

Pushing forward to the digital age, business owners should make clever choices and get ads that are up-to-date, have elevated designs and have reduced operational costs.

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