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Written by admin on April 17th, 2011

Debt consolidation programs are planned, in order to get you out from debt in the fastest and cheapest possible way. It is a settlement of debts arrangement, which works, by lowering your interest rates, which lower thereby your monthly payments. If you register with a debt consolidation manager, they work with your creditors, in order to combine all the debts and forgiving late payments.

Once your debt consolidation sum is approved all of your debt will be combined into a single sum, accordingly this sum is distributed among all your creditors. Interest rate paid by you in this case is low compared to several high rates that of interest that you were paying before. We appreciate the pressures associated with being in debt. We understand how a change in circumstances like a break-up in a relationship or a reduction in income can cause serious financial difficulties resulting in sleepless nights and endless worries.

Debt Consolidation Loan rates are variable, depending on status. Your monthly repayments will depend on the amount borrowed and term.

So let us take all of your debts and put them into OneDebt.
OneDebt is a division of the One Aim Group who deal with a wide range of financial solutions that assist people with refinancing as well as their debt problems.

Reduce your debts today
– One small monthly payment
– Freeze all interest & charges
– No more hassle from your creditors
– Only pay what you can afford
– All your debts are managed by us
– You won’t lose your home
– Write off a substantial amount of your debt

Visit our web site for detailed information on debt management and concolidation.

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