Consumer Empowerment

Written by admin on April 12th, 2011

There is a need for consumer empowerment. The need to educate the customers so that he is empowered with respect to his rights as a consumer.The advancement of technology in the market and aggressive marketing strategies have thrown open a wide array of choices for consumers but along with that has also rendered a threat which is associated with the rapid changes in the marketing scenario. A customer should be equipped to be vigilant so that he couldn’t be cheated or misleaded. When human rights are not well known by people, abuses such as discrimination, prejudice, inequality, subjugation and slavery can arise. Consumer Forum educates customers against corrupt and illegal practices. Consumer Forum India helps the distressed customers to gain some comfort through experts’ advice and guidance. He should be made aware of his Consumer Protection Rights, and consumer forum is a tool to educate the customers.

A person can make a complaint if he is not satisfied with the standard of service been provide to him. Anyone who feels that they were provided a poor service or is not satisfied with the product or the service can make a complaint in the Consumer Court.

In order to be able to position the consumer in such a state, there is every need to protect consumer rights. The Government of India and State Government have initiated steps to introduce customer protection act, to facilitate suitable remedy wherever there is a need. Customer protection rights should be restored in the rural areas, where there is wide spread illiteracy. Encourage consumer activities to strengthen the existing institutional set up of consumer dispute redressal by acting as a facilitator between consumer and the institution. If consumer protection rights are violated by an organization or a person concerned then a consumer has every right to lodge a Consumer Complaint forum.

Consumer Complaints are a legal way of filing one’s dissatisfaction for a service or product. It is a legal way of filing a claim. Our Government has assigned us certain civil liberties and certain Consumer Rights. Government has amended six rights for the customers. The six rights are

Right to Safety Right to Information Right to Choice Right to be heard The Right to Redress The right to consumer education

In a consumer complaint forum, one has to fill up an online Consumer Complaint form and write about the queries. The complaint will be answered by the team of experts who will give advice on the legal procedures to be followed. The process saves a lot of time and even a lot of undue cost. Consumer forum helps to protect consumer rights which people are sometimes not aware of. As a consumer we expect that the six rights which have been implemented by the Government should be strictly executed by the organizations to safeguard customer protection. A customer complaint rights forum legally helps a person to voice one’s opinion and claim its customer rights. It helps a customer to raise its voice against injustice. Customer Complaint tries to protect Customer Rights by defending customers towards malpractices, by prohibiting certain illegal practices.

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