Seo Fundamentals, Developing The Bedrock For a High Traffic Home Business Site

Written by admin on September 1st, 2011

Indeed one of (if not THE) most effective ways to start a home internet business is building a web site that gets found often in the major search engines for free website traffic. The search engines can provide floods of targeted internet traffic which can be profited from in a number of different ways like lead generating, through your home internet business model.

There are methods to generate money quickly, fast money, and developing a search engine optimized website is NOT one of them. Building a website requires a time investment, often several months before any serious money will be generated.

Although, this is an INVESTMENT of time and not just a waste of time. What do investments usually do? Well if they do what they are intended to do, they pay interest and dividends for years to come. That is precisely why setting up a search engine optimized web site is so effective for earning money. It offers long term residual benefits. Once the site is listed and ranked well, it does ALL of your marketing and promotion for you. It offers free website traffic that is highly targeted, all you then do is monetize (and cash the checks).

Building a website that follows the basic principles of search engine optimization is not difficult by any means. Many folks simply go wrong by trying to trick and manipulate the system to achieve instantaneous results. Sorry to say that this doesn’t work. Why not? Well basically….the engines are smarter than that. They know very easily when they are being tricked and fooled, and they don’t like it. The best route to take, the only route that lead to long term success, is following basic principles that please the engines. You please them, they will without a doubt return the favor.

The foundation of any great website is CONTENT. Content is the life-force of a web site. Content is definitely useful for pre-selling leads, strengthening customer relationships, etc. But content is also the most important aspect Web SEO, the core of a highly favored website.

You will get the best results by looking at the process overall as a big picture. Let’s take a look from the search sites point of view. They, just like any other business or website on the internet, are providing a service to their users. Their service is to help people find the INFORMATION that they are seeking. The Internet is essentially a giant information bank. People search online to find info for just about everything.

So the first (and most important) task of SEO Web development is integrating unique content into the various pages of a Website. As the spiders crawl websites with relevant, keyword rich content, they signal to the Engines that the site has value, and therefore should be moved to a prominent spot in the search results, where users can find the site.

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