Hottest New Car Electronics Gear.

Written by admin on September 1st, 2011

The hottest new car electronics on the market for Christmas 2009 are the ones that help the driver, as well as the ones that keep the children safely occupied and happy.  From backing up cameras to dash-mounted Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) units that map out your routes, and give voice commands for when to turn and which direction to head, to rearview mirrors that act as both communications centres and video screens for backup cameras or other video feeds, there is a plethora of new electronics for the car enthusiasts for this coming Christmas season.

One item that is getting rave reviews from previous models are the DVD and BluRay players, with video monitors that mount inside the rear of the front seat headrests.  These monitors can be used for movies or gaming systems, and keep the children safely buckled in their child or booster seats, happily distracted, occupied and entertained, and therefore not distracting the driver.  A sure-fire win-win Christmas gift for driver and children alike.

The new trend in car video is the backup camera, which gives the driver an unimpeded view of whatever is on the ground behind the car, or on the road further ahead at night.  The camera can be positioned for optimum viewing angles, and the monitor can be placed on the dashboard, or on the floor of the passenger’s seat, and can also be a part of the rearview mirror’s activities.  New animal alarms help the driver avoid collisions with deer, moose, dogs and other beings that may wander out in the road or highway ahead of them at night.  Either a bright light or a high-pitched noise will warn the animal to get away, or a FLIR (forward looking infrared) camera can look ahead and illuminate or show on a display unit anything that has a heat source (again, the rearview mirror can be used; the rearview mirror must be purchased at the same time to ensure compatability).

For the style and trend following motorists, new additions to the car electronics gear are LED rear license plate holders that have preprogrammed and programmable sayings, like “hello, you are driving too close to me if you can read this”.  Not exactly a safety-enhancement, as the driver behind you would be distracted by reading your verbal displays.  New stereo systems offer the driver access to satellite radio, bluetooth for phone calls with voice activation and connectivity to 3-G, 4-G and cell phones, as well as Ipods and other music devices,

including USB memory sticks.For the travelers, there are coolers that hook up to car electronic output ports (cigarrette lighter, 120-volt converters, 12-volt outlets, etc.), as well as WiFii signal boosters, to find hotspots for pulling over and using your laptop, or for passengers to use laptops.  Storage systems for the trunk, rear section of a minivan or attached to the rear of the seats make for uncluttered storage of the many things that long-distance and constant travelers gather over time.

For larger vehicles, like pick-up trucks, there are bed covers that rise and lower with the push of a button.  These liner covers can have storage comparments built into them, or be a part of a complete truck bed organization system.  This is mainly for contractors and other labor-intensive jobs.

Of all of the hottest new car electronics gear for Christmas 2009, the rearview mirror as communcations centre and camera monitor is the best and most useful gadget for the driver.  With forward and rear looking cameras, voice-activated cellphone and OnStar useage, as well as seeing what’s coming up from behind the vehicle (the original intent for the rearview mirror, for those born after the start of the technological age, post early 1990’s).

With all the new laws being introduced to keep the driver away from using personal electonic devices, and the steep fines and demerit points that come with being caught using them, the rearview mirror electronic and video display is the most advanced and useful car electronics gear for Christmas 2009.  It shows that you care about the person that you give it to, as well as their family’s well-being.

Merry Christmas, and happy shopping.

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