When are Commercial Property Listings Good Buys?

Written by admin on May 19th, 2011

There are many things that make various commercial property listings wise investments for the savvy budding real estate mogul. Whether you are working with grandiose dreams of building an empire or you have smaller goals of saving for retirement or funding a child’s college education there are many reasons to purchase commercial properties now when the market is definitely favorable for buyers.

Location can Make or Break Investment Properties

A good location for a commercial investment property can make up for any number of defects or perceived deficiencies. Being at the right place is a huge advantage and if you find the property at the right place at the right time you’re one step ahead of most of the competition. Make sure the location is well trafficked, suitable for the purpose of the building, and in an area that is experiencing growth instead of entering into a period of decline. Even in a recession there are areas that will show signs of prosperity. Make sure your investment property is in one of those areas.

What are Your Plans for the Property You Purchase?

Having a plan for the property before you even begin looking is a wise business decision. It will help you avoid making spur of the moment or “off the cuff” decisions about a property that are based purely on an emotional response to the property itself. It’s even better if you have a list of things you want the property to offer and check them off as you sort through the mountains of commercial property listings in search of your perfect investment property.

Set goals, make plans, and work to achieve those ends. This works in real estate investing, like many other areas of life. The more specific your plans and goals are the better the odds that you will find the perfect property to meet them all.

Does the Property have Good Curb Appeal?

Believe it or not, curb appeal isn’t only for residential real estate. Depending on what the property is being used for, all kinds of things on the outside will make it a more attractive purchase. While it’s not all about looks, you want to be certain that the property is in good working order and will meet the very specific needs you have in mind.

When it comes to curb appeal, take notice of the parking for the building, water drainage, signs of age or disrepair, and existing cosmetic touches that will make the property more appealing for whatever purpose it is intended.

When going through commercial property listings pay attention to the ones with pictures and make notes of which properties you find attractive and why. This will help you discover which features you prefer in the property and help narrow your search.

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