Commercial Property Listings: Where can You Find Them?

Written by admin on May 19th, 2011

There are many places that you can find commercial property listings that may or may not meet your interests. Each of them offers a few unique pros and cons worth taking into consideration before you decide on your source of information about these listings which can prove vital to the overall success of your real estate investment lease ventures.

Local Commercial Real Estate Listings

Most communities have publications that are sent out monthly with various commercial property listings included in them. These listings offer some details on the property that are very useful and can help you narrow your search to some degree. The pros are that they are usually filled with listings that are local to you so it’s possible to drive by. The downside is that you’re only getting what the listings have to offer. You’ll still have to do a drive by and will likely need to consult a Realtor for a closer look at the properties you’re interested in seeing.

Online Listings for Commercial Properties

This is a growing trend and something you’ll see more and more of as the world becomes smaller and much more tech savvy. The good news is that you can take a peek inside many of the properties that are offered through these listings. The downside is that you are still limited to only the views that play up the best in any property by looking online.

The other downside of online directories or commercial property listings is that they aren’t always limited to your local area. You might have some sifting to do depending on how sophisticated the software that allows you to browse their directory happens to be.

Commercial Property Realtors for a more Personal Touch

Realtors that specialize in commercial real estate might be the best bet for many people and an excellent first choice for even more that are interested in checking out commercial property listings in any given area. Realtors know the community. It’s their livelihood to know the community. They know areas that are up and coming, areas that are a little run down but still viable (especially of worth to investors with little up front capital) and they know the areas that aren’t as promising but where you might be able to find an excellent deal on investment worthy properties.

More importantly they can ask you what you want and eliminate hours of searching and researching on your behalf. The only thing better than the time a qualified Realtor can save you than time is the money he or she can save you by helping you quickly scoop up a good deal on a newly listed property that hasn’t made the Internet or print publication listings just yet.

You’ll have to decide which method for finding great commercial property listings works best for you. It’s a good idea to use some combination of all these search methods in order to quickly sort out what you do and do not want in a property and get your offer in before others have the chance to up the bidding.

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