Mortgage Refinance Loan Advice

Written by admin on May 8th, 2011

If you’re like many homeowners, you dream of better days when your property is paid in full and you don’t have to make those dreaded mortgage payments anymore. But, getting back to reality, many are turning to mortgage refinance services in order to cut their monthly loan payments or to extend their loan periods. Keep these hints in mind before choosing a refinance plan:

• When to Refinance: When you already have a mortgage and wish to apply for a second, be sure the amount you save on interest rates balances fees paid during refinancing. Lending Tree is a great resource when debating the ‘apply/not to apply’ question, as they offer certified lending and allow you to compare multiple offers online.

• Loan Options: Determine whether a fixed rate mortgage or adjustable rate mortgage is in your best interest. Fixed rate mortgage monthly payments tend to remain steady despite market conditions. E-LOAN allows you to compare both loan options and to outweigh the pros vs. cons before you make your decision.

• Cash-out refinances: These allow you to refinance with a loan amount larger than your current mortgage…while you keep the cash difference. The catch? Your home equity must qualify before you can go through with it.

• No Closing Cost Refinances: If you wish to save on up-front fees, this is probably your best choice. Depending on whether or not the prevailing market rate is lower than your existing rate by at least 1.5%, you are sure to reap the benefits. reports that sites such as E-LOAN provide mortgage refinance loans, as well as useful information on home equity, home and auto purchasing, and personal loans. Utilizing features such as ‘The Loan Advisor’ allow you to enter information such as credit ratings, how much you intend on borrowing, estimated property values, and current mortgage balances. They, in turn, will recommend which loan route to take. Remember, saving money is key in your refinance loan search.

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