How To Pick Stocks – Easy Stock Picking Technique

Written by admin on May 19th, 2011

With all of the hundreds of thousands of stocks available on the market for us to choose from, how do you know which stocks to invest in? Should you pick a stock because it is in an industry that is of interest to you? Should you let your emotions drive your stock picks? What if the hottest stock pick on the market is in an industry that you know next to nothing about? Would you still invest in it, knowing that it has an extremely high probability of doubling value?

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Conversely, would you be loyal to stocks in your favorite industry even if the stocks weren’t doing to well, on the hope that one way the market might be kind to your stocks and they will increase in value?

Often times, people invest in a stock simply because “everybody else is”. What impact does this stock saturation have on the stocks value?

Now, would you trust a computer to pick your stocks for you? There are computer programs out there whose sole purpose is to analyze stocks and issue stock recommendations. They can analyze hundreds of thousands of stock and perform millions of calculations per second against millions of data points. Based on their calculations, they can make forecasts about a stock’s future performance, by extrapolating past trends and making projections about the future.

Of course, nobody can predict the future. Not a computer. Not a human being. But a computer can do one thing that human beings cannot. They can process millions of calculations per second with absolutely accuracy and precision and make extremely accurate predictions about the future based on the mathematical laws of statistical probability.

One thing they cannot do is account for all of the socio-political factors that drive world events that cause the fluctuations in the market that we experience every day.

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