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Written by admin on May 19th, 2011

Alternative energy OTC penny stocks offer a great investment opportunity according to some, but others believe that penny stocks should be avoided no matter what industry or sector these stocks are in. Many investors are interested in alternative energy investing, and penny stocks may seem like a good way to do this without risking large amounts of investment capital.

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Current penny stocks offer some alternative energy stocks, but many experts say to use extreme caution when dealing with any penny stock, because of the high risk levels involved. Penny stocks are not traded on the exchanges usually, but instead are traded over the counter. This is because the underlying company and the stock does not meet all the requirements that the exchanges have. This may be because it is a new company, so there is not much company or financial history to evaluate. This could also be the result of financial problems which make the company or stock a big risk for investors. With penny stocks it may be hard for even experienced traders to tell from the limited resources available what condition and shape the company, and as a result the stock, is.

Penny stocks are one way to practice alternative energy investing, but you should never invest any capital that you can not afford to risk. Understanding how to accurately assess an OTC penny stock, and evaluate the risks and potential involved, there are some tips you should follow. Before using any site to pick penny stocks or give recommendations, make sure to read all the fine print carefully, especially any disclaimers. Penny stocks are sometimes a component in stock manipulation schemes, which is one reason why many investors avoid these stocks despite their huge investment opportunity, and this is also one reason why the risks are so high. Penny stock sites give the penny stock symbols and companies that they believe are good investments.

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Sometimes though, the owner of the site may own a large chunk of the stock, and by recommending it they benefit if the price goes up due to an increase in buying. The site owner then sells the stock held, making a profit. This causes the market price to plunge, leaving you with worthless paper basically. Never invest simply on a recommendation, instead always do the research and evaluate the potential and risks of each penny stock yourself. This will help you avoid many of the common scams. It is also a good idea to avoid penny stock sites that have pay per click advertisements, or other gimmicks used simply to make money.

Alternative energy OTC penny stock investing can be a good or bad thing, depending on which expert you talk to about it. There have been penny stocks that have taken off and given incredible returns to investors who took a chance, but many of these stocks fizzle out without ever going anywhere, or they are part of a price manipulation scheme.

A well diversified portfolio should include a diversity of stocks as well, and it is possible to include penny stocks if your risk tolerance allows it and you are willing to do the research and take time to evaluate and pick out the quality penny stocks. Alternative energy OTC penny stocks may be worth looking into if you don’t mind a higher risk for more potential rewards, but make sure to investigate each stock thoroughly before parting with your hard earned capital.

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