How to Become a Paralegal

Written by admin on May 21st, 2011

Paralegal training is important for anyone interested in working for attorneys because it will give you the needed background on the legal field through coursework and interaction with legal professionals. There are various training choices for students interested in a career as a paralegal.

The most common include the ABA Approved program, onsite paralegal programs and online courses at your local university extension, private college or junior college. Despite the pros and cons for each choice, what stands out is that the ABA program is set to comply with the high standards of the American Bar Association.

An ABA Approved Paralegal program consists of courses offered to prepare an individual for a career in the legal field. According to the ABA website, “The principal objective of the American Bar Association program of approving paralegal education programs that meet ABA Guidelines is to foster high quality paralegal education and training and the development of educational standards.”

Although a college degree is not necessary, most attorneys prefer a paralegal college graduation.. This is in addition to training through an ABA Approved Paralegal program. Having a college degree can be helpful in getting through an ABA Approved Paralegal program, as well.

Ongoing education is also required of paralegals so that they are kept up to date with the ever changing legislation. Paralegals have the option to take classes or attend seminars. Contact your local Continuing Legal Education (CLE) office for more information.

The academic staff should be legal professionals (attorneys and senior paralegals) who have the training and experience in their legal specialty. This will help prepare and train paralegal students to work in the legal field under the direction of a licensed attorney.

The proper curriculum for a paralegal program will include courses that cover legal terminology, practices and ethics. A full paralegal program should also include non-legal subjects such as computer training. This will help a paralegal student prepare to work in the modern legal office.  It may be good time to start your paralegal career with accredited College.

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