Chief Concerns of a Credit Counseling Company

Written by admin on May 21st, 2011

Credit counseling agencies follow different debt consolidation programs. All programs or plans are directed to make one debt free in less time.

Chief concerns of credit counseling companies are:

Debt settlement

Most of debt consolidation agencies come featured with experienced counselors. Such counselors work in a systematic manner to help the clients. Debt settlement procedures include:

•    Discussing the debt matter with the client in detail to suggest the best method of consolidation.
•    They take full details of debt taken from the creditor.
•    They also note down the interest rate with which the client is paying currently.
•    Details of remaining amount along with last payment date are also noted down by the counselor before moving further.
•    They meet directly with the creditor to discuss different aspects of debt taken by customers.
•    Direct meeting with the creditor puts end to harnessing calls.
•    They manage to make one monthly consolidated amount for clients’ benefits.
•    They manage to lower down the interest rates up to 0 %.
•    Amounts are paid to creditors through cheque every month.

Debt management programs

Debt management programs are directed to offer best debt consolidation plan to clients. Such programs are focused to provide financial relief to individuals. Apart from this, debt management programs are also responsible to save one against bankruptcy. Expert lawyers of credit counseling agency saves clients from legal hassles.

Thus, it can be said that debt settlement and debt management programs effectively help one to get rid of financial crunches.

Consumer Credit Counselling is an independent debt consolidation agency based in Vancouver, Burnaby, Victoria regions in BC. It runs with the support of experienced counselors who suggest effective debt consolidation programs to consumers across the BC and adjoining regions in Canada.

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