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Written by admin on May 15th, 2011

The imposing problem of selling and buying homes in the current housing market has been solved. This is not a bogus claim, a pipe dream, or an ad man’s come-on. There actually is a way for homeowners to finally find a buyer who is ready to deal and a buyer to finally find a seller who has a home they are looking for. Realtors and investors will even be able to get back to what it is they do best: keep the market moving. The solution for any and all of these parties is a home exchange.

One of the biggest problems in today’s housing market has been the slowing down of deal-making. Small wonder. The unavailability of funding, along with the increased regulation of the market itself, has created an environment that has left investors suspicious, realtors idle, and homeowners sitting on their hands while prospect after prospect falls through. Now, with the method of home exchange, properties can actually be moved through escrow, instead of languishing on a for sale sign or in a realtor’s listing book.

This is how it works. A person has a home they wish to sell, and is at the same time looking for a new home to buy and move into. Another person out there is in the same boat. Neither one has had any luck listing with realtors, in newspapers or related media, or on the usual real estate websites. Meanwhile, unstable interest rates lead to inflation and reduced property value. So, party A meets party B, they agree to terms, set up escrow, set a closing date, and the deal goes through. Party A moves out of their home and turns over the keys to party B, who does the exact same thing. Done deal.

It can’t possibly be that simple, can it? The answer is yes. A resounding yes. How is it possible? That’s the other simple part of the equation. There is now a verifiable, reputable market for home exchange transactions. There is no increased danger of fraud or failure, because the method of exchange is exactly like any real estate transaction. The real value of each home involved in a home exchange is assessed, terms are agreed to, and escrow is set up. It is the truest, simplest form of a real estate transaction there is. Ask any realtor.

There are websites available that can offer services to ably assist home exchange transactions. Many can provide listing services that work with real people and real homes, in real time. They act as a bulletin board, a facilitator, and an envoy between the interested parties. All they need are new homeowners to bring into the fold. Since in marketing a property it makes sense to have as much exposure as possible, as many available alternatives as possible should be explored including utilizing the services of a real estate agent. There is finally a way to make everyone happy in the home buying market.

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