An Asset Search Investigation Can Recover Unpaid Child Support From Deadbeat Parents

Written by admin on May 15th, 2011

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If we lived in a perfect world everyone would always pay all of the bills that they owe, and this would of course include the countless number of parents that have been ordered to pay child support. Actually, in a perfect world none of us would have any bills at all to pay. But, as we all know, we certainly do not live in a world that is even remotely close to being perfect. Unfortunately, this means that there are numerous people that do not pay their bills, and sadly, there are more and more deadbeat parents that absolutely refuse to pay for the child support that they owe, even if they have been ordered to pay it in a court of law. Thankfully with services available such as an asset search investigation, innocent parents that have been fighting for what is owed to them can often successfully recover unpaid child support from deadbeat parents.

You would think that individuals would gladly pay child support they owe once a judgment has been ordered. In some cases this does work, but for many innocent parents this is simply not what ends up happening. However, the last thing in the world these parents need to do is to give up. Although it may seem that there is nothing left that they can do to obtain unpaid child support, in many cases individuals are successfully able to recover unpaid child support from a deadbeat parent when they consult with a private investigator that knows how to perform an asset search investigation. Often times when it comes to this point people are tired of having to devote a lot of their time just to come up empty handed. With a hidden asset search, you do not have to sacrifice a lot of your time. Simply supply the expert with the social security number, the telephone number, address, and name of the deadbeat parent.

In many cases when unpaid child support is trying to be obtained through this type of investigation, the innocent parent that has been unsuccessful using other methods is often surprised at just how much information can be obtained. Real estate, trust accounts, investments like bonds, stocks, and mutual funds, vehicles, boats, airplanes, businesses, and several other types of assets the deadbeat parent has in their name can be found through an asset search investigation, which gives individuals the power they need to recover unpaid child support that has already been ordered through a court’s judgment.

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