Annuity Leads From the Internet – Good Or Bad?

Written by admin on May 12th, 2011

This is a question most agents will ask. Are internet leads worth the price and do they work? Can a sale actually be made?

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The answer is Yes and No! The real answer is this….it all depends. It depends on several factors:

· The timeliness in which the lead is called…the sooner the better. How soon does the lead get to your computer?ability of then agent, lousy agents makes lousy internet leads….good agents make good internet leads.

· If the lead provider pushes the sales success of their leads follow the Ronald Reagan philosophy….Trust but Verify. Always ask for references and call the other agents using the leads. Any lead source which will not provide you with references should never get your business.

· The information gathered in the lead…is there a hook? A hook is a comment as to why the lead was requested. Ask your lead provider if they encourage comments.

· Credit card…always pay with a credit card so if a dispute arises, you have an intermediary who will provide a refund. Never ever pay by check.

· Exclusivity. Is your lead provider selling the lead more than once? If the lead is not exclusive…forget it?

· Cost…is the lead priced fairly? If the lead cost more than …forget it.

It is a numbers game and the more leads that are available, the greater the chances of opening a case and making a sale. The “law of large numbers” is the heart of any lead system, the more opportunities the greater the chance of a sale

And finally this…..

A lead is only an invitation to a relationship…it is not a sale….If you remember that then internet leads can be an effective and useful marketing supplement to your insurance practice.

Remember the four rules of internet leads

1. Exclusive leads
2. Correctly priced
3. Instant delivery
4. Check references

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