Three Great Letter Openers From Martin Yale

Written by admin on April 26th, 2011

Processing mail is an important part of every workday and depending on the size of your company, it can really be a time-consuming endeavor. It can also lead to paper cuts. However, you can save time – and your colleagues’ fingers – by investing in a letter opening machine from Martin Yale. This company, known for its high-quality paper shredders, makes some really fantastic letter openers, from the handheld 1624 to the automatic, high-speed 1648. No matter the size of your office or the amount of mail you receive, there’s a Martin Yale letter opener for you. Here are three of them….

The 1624 – Handheld Battery-Operated Letter Opener. This is Martin Yale’s smallest opener. In fact, it’s so small it will comfortably fit in the palm of your hand so you can automatically open standard-sized envelopes. When you’re done using it, it will fit into a desk drawer so it’s out of the way. Your fingers will be safe because the blades are totally encased in plastic. Plus, it runs on four AA batteries, eliminating the need for an electrical outlet. The 1624 is perfect for anyone needing a fast, easy way to open a small amount of mail on a regular basis.
The 1616 – Electric Desktop Letter Opener. The 1616 is a great machine for small or medium-sized offices. It opens business-sized envelopes automatically when they’re manually inserted into the machine. This device operates quietly and it’s small enough to sit on a desk for easy access. (Its dimensions are 9.5″ x 7.25″ x 3.75″.) It even has rubber feet on the bottom so it won’t skid around while it’s opening up your mail. Since this machine is manually fed, it’s better for companies that only need to process about 100 pieces of mail or so per day.
The 1648 – Automatic Letter Opener. If your office or mailroom needs an automatic device, you’ll want to consider the 1648. It can automatically process a stack of envelopes that’s up 5 inches high and it will open up to 12,000 pieces of mail per hour. The envelopes can even be 3/8″ thick or less. Every time the 1648 opens an envelope, it does so cleanly, so your documents won’t be damaged. And, when you’re not using this device, you can store the catching tray on the back of the unit to keep it out of the way. This machine is a bit larger than the 1616 with dimensions of 21″ x 10″ x 11″, but its speed and efficiency more than make up for its larger size.

As you can see, the Martin Yale lineup of letter openers has a machine that’s right for any business environment. Whether you just need to open a handful of letters everyday or you want something the can process thousands of pieces of mail in an hour, one of these devices is just what you need. So get one of these terrific Martin Yale machines today so you can process your mail and get on with your day.

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