Debt Elimination Programs – Are They the Best Way to Become Debt Free?

Written by admin on April 26th, 2011

Debt elimination programs are readily available for those who are looking for help, that promise to leave you debt free. However, caution should be taken as there are many programs that are notorious for scamming unsuspecting individuals who get caught when they act out of desperation when trying to gain some respite from their troubled financial situations.

Before jumping head-first into signing up for the first program or service that sounds like it could be your knight in shining armor you should initially take note of the two main pitfalls that come with the decision to venture down this path.

However, before doing so you should give due consideration to the following very important fact.

There is nothing…I repeat… nothing, that a company offering an elimination service can do to clear your debt that you cannot do yourself at a fraction of the cost and with much faster and better results!

If this statement has caught your attention, and be honest about this, if you are in debt up to your eyeballs it surely should have done, you need to seek out reviews for the two most popular self help debt elimination programs currently available online; they both cost a fraction of what you would be charged by a debt elimination company for exactly the same and, more often than not, better results.

Anyway… the two main pitfalls of using a company that promises to eliminate your debt are;


As I stated above the first pitfall of using a company to eliminate your debt is that nothing is free; you will be charged for services that you could easily carry out yourself, given the right instruction, prices vary but inevitably it will be more than you can honestly afford to pay otherwise you would not be seeking out this type of help!

If however you really do not have time to deal with your financial problem personally and you have found a legitimate company that does not seem to be wanting to rip you off, then it may well be worth the cost.


You will almost definitely come across a company providing a debt elimination service that will not be worth the money you pay them, irrespective of how little that may be charging. Signing up with a company that is, for all intent and purpose, not as legit as they should be, could leave your credit in ruins and could possibly involve you in illegal activities.

You will definitely lose any money you have paid to them and you could also find yourself in court due to their illegal activities. As a knock on affect of choosing to work with a scam company your credit will probably be in a much worse state than if you had done nothing at all!


Always try to clear your debt yourself with the help of self help debt elimination programs in order to avoid being scammed by bad companies and in the process guarantee much better results; however, if you do not feel confident in doing so, always ensure that you do a thorough check on any companies you may be considering using.

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