Roundtable: Nordic Hedge Fund Leaders Say Hedge Funds a Stabilizing Force, Confident on Further Growth But Warn Over “race to Ever Shorter Liquid

Written by admin on April 22nd, 2011

Stockholm, October 21st 2008 — Opalesque, the world’s largest subscription-based publisher covering the alternative investment industry, has just launched the ninth issue of its groundbreaking Roundtable Series, the Opalesque Nordic Roundtable (download here:

Some of the Nordic hedge funds and CTAs have track records that go back to 1991. There are more than 200 hedge funds registered or run out of the Nordic region, adopted early by Nordic institutions and pension funds.

The Opalesque Nordic Roundtable was sponsored by DnB NOR Asset Management and took place on September 22nd 2008 in their Stockholm office. For this Roundtable, Opalesque united the following Nordic Alternatives Leaders:

l Martin Estlander, CEO, Estlander & Rönnlund
l Kent Janer, Partner, Portfolio Manager, Brummer & Partners AB
l Svante Bergstrom, Managing Director, Fund Manager, Brummer & Partners AB
l Peter C. Warren, CIO, WarrenWicklund Asset Management
l Lars Lovgren, Head of Hedge Funds, DnB NOR Asset Management
l Dr. Patrik Säfvenblad, Head of Hedge Fund Research, DnB NOR Asset Management
l Magnus Nilsson, Partner, Öhman Group l Dennis Johansson, Partner, RAM Rational Asset Management

The purpose of the Opalesque Roundtable Series is to provide a catalogue of intelligence on the world’s most important hedge fund centres and introduce you to some relevant local players of each jurisdiction. New York, London, Geneva, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, and Auckland are already covered (see the Roundtable archive on the Opalesque website). In this Roundtable Script, you will learn:

? A bit of history: How have the Nordic markets have achieved this degree of sophistication in financial markets, trading and hedge funds
?? How is the Nordic hedge fund community standing up against their international peers in both in absolute and risk-adjusted returns
?? How do Nordic institutions view hedge funds
?? How does regulation vary from country to country
?? What are the advantages of running a hedge fund from the Nordic region
?? What is “ATM Risk”?
? An in-depth discussion on liquidity: Why are large investors concerned on hedge funds’ race to ever shorter liquidity terms
?? Why hedge funds have been a stabilizing force in the current market turmoil
? How will the region further evolve? What funds and strategies are being developed?

The Opalesque Nordic Roundtable can be downloaded here: All other previously published Opalesque Roundtable Scripts can be accessed here:

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