Quick Cash Advance ? Escape From Late Payments

Written by admin on April 3rd, 2011


Salaried people are often in need of urgent money as many bills are awaiting payments. However, as the salary cheque is usually not enough to meet the month’s all the expenses for all the days, quick cash advance becomes unavoidable once friends or relatives fail to provide the timely help. The money can pay off any bill that demands its repayment instantly. For instance, you may need the loan for repairing your car all of a sudden or need the money to escape from penalties on late payments. But the loan should not be a burden on your limited earnings.


An advance of £100 to £1500 is accessible under these loans for its repayment on your next payday, as the approval comes for 14 days only. On making the interest payments, however, the loan is stretchable for few more weeks as well. This unsecured loan usually comes against a post-dated cheque of the borrowed amount plus interest charges. On receiving the cheque, the lenders electronically deposit the loan amount within 24 hours in the borrowers’ bank checking account. However, the borrower must be earning a fixed monthly salary for minimum of past six months.


There are no credit checks made on the borrowers in giving out quick cash advance to them. So, you can find the loan approval instantly despite a history of making payment faults in the past.


However, the smaller loan involves high interest payments, as the rate goes higher for two weeks only. Hence, it would be wise to not to extend the loan repayment. This could prove to be a debt-trap as well.


It is also possible to take out quick cash advance at little lower rate of interest. You must, therefore, compare the lenders on internet. Even if you are able to find a lower rate, it will save you lots of money on interest payments and repayment will become lot easier.

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