Funded Proposal: Goodbye to Old School Methods of Network Marketing

Written by admin on April 3rd, 2011

If there’s one fundamental truth about network marketing is that it is easily duplicable. The methods, techniques and procedures used can be taught, learned and practiced by just about anyone who joins a team. Although many people have met a good level of success by simply following this formula, not everyone feels comfortable with it.

They complain that by using this old school method of network marketing, they are more likely to encounter rejection and disappointment. If you feel the same way, then you might want to consider a more innovative alternative: funded proposal.

Funded proposal explained

Old school network marketing relied too much on ‘warm’ prospects, cold calling and traditional prospecting. Nothing wrong with that – in fact, as long as you have a good number of people to market to and who are also willing to sign up for your program, you’ll probably meet with some success.

But therein lies the rub. Not everyone who joins a network marketing program actually have willing prospects, those who like the program, sign up for AND actually perform to make the program work. A team leader can spend hundreds of dollars buying leads, prospecting, putting out ads, making presentations and cold calls but he may not gain enough momentum to ensure that his business will run continuously or at least give him a return on his investment.

With a funded proposal, this doesn’t have to happen. A network marketer doesn’t have to rely on old techniques and methods that may or may not work to his advantage. So what is a funded proposal and how does it work?

Funded proposal is actually a system that you or somebody else has created with the purpose of: a) generating an income and b) acquiring targeted leads. It doesn’t require immediate hardselling at all, which helps you avoid the enmity of prospects who may not appreciate being sold to the first time you encounter them.

This is how it works:

First, you create or buy a product that you can sell online. These products are usually known as infoproducts because they seek to inform, teach or guide the user. They are high value products that focus on a particular topic or subject that is directly related to the network marketing business you are involved in. They can come in text form (such as an e-book or a report) or audio/video form (such as audio or video lectures and seminars).

You then market these products for distribution, usually at a low cost. Should you charge a premium price, you will have to offer a free gift or bonus pack to make the product more appealing to prospective buyers.

The funded proposal system begins to work once your product gets buyers. Money is paid in cash, usually through an electronic payment system. Other than your immediate earnings, you also get to obtain the buyers’ names and e-mail addresses. What you have now is a collection or list of contact information – the most basic information you’ll need in order to jumpstart your network marketing business later on.

Getting targeted prospects

The benefit of using funded proposal is that not only do you take advantage of an opportunity to earn, you also give your name and business the exposure it needs to attain some level of recognizability. Furthermore, you get to collect a list of highly targeted prospects – people who are interested in what you had to sell in the form of an infoproduct and who are highly likely to respond positively in your network marketing business opportunity.

The result? You can kiss that old school network marketing scheme goodbye and take advantage of the double benefits a funded proposal system can give.

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