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Written by admin on April 8th, 2011

surrounded by trouble for her running up substantial amounts of money on the credit cards using my credit card that I be authorized to use? This have me really worried. Also do the credit law ebb and flow from state to state.At the time we didn’t live contained by this state we very soon live surrounded by Colorado.

Am I self charged by or
I went to to fix an error on my credit report. Then, it lately automatically made a login name and pw that I used for (the one where on earth they give out free credit reports once a year). That cross and pw can be used to login to which is from I don’t believe I ordered anything at, and I didn’t give out any donation information, like credit card, online check, etc. But I can still log surrounded by to and am still considered a “member.” Do I find charged for being a “member”. I didn’t demand anything though, and again, no payment info. be being sent. What’s going on? Thanks!

Am i still responsible for a contract if i did not submit? Meaning they do not enjoy my signature surrounded by agreement.
I paid a down payment of 0 (non-refundable) over the phone for a slap-up meal room. When I went to see the room, I hated it and cancelled. Leaving near the contract in hand. Months after that, exactly 13 days before the wedding they call us to start planning. We told them we cancelled in person. They said we violated the contract and owe the partly of the entire cost. Help? We did not submit the contract. Do we still owe?

Am i within bleak credit?
I have just be accepted for a mortgage and as the bank are lend me 100% they will not add onto and consolidate some other small debts that i have get. The debts i have got arent dreadful but come out of my vindication all thoughout the month and i never know where i am although i own never missed a payment.I have since tried for a loan near Northern Rock and got turned down and then a week after that i tried my own bank and have only just been turned down again.The mortgage is still going through (although paperwork been signed and accepted) and the property im purchasing still isnt within my name. I am just a bit lost as to why i am presently being refused a loan when i enjoy just recieved a mortgage. Can anyone put light on this for me? Has this happen to anyone else?

Amazon not accepting my card plus natwest debit card – be working for construe i might be overdrawn!?
I have a natwest card plus and i’m lone 13! i thought i had lb40 surrounded by my card but now after trying to buy a book on amazon it is maxim that my payment hasn’t be recieved!! Can you get overdrawn on a card plus natwest commentary [if it helps – the exotic name for it is cut card] HELP!~Haleu

American Express- am I qualified?
I’m 19, and I just hit 6 months of credit history. I have 3 revolving credit cards, adjectives of which the balances are paid surrounded by full at the end of each month. Never have a late payment. Only problem is my inquiry count (8 or so). Is near a good chance I ‘ll carry approved for an AMEX card, or even ANY credit card for that matter? and please, I know you’re all trying to be favourable but I don’t want any answers saying NO MORE credit cards or cancel your credit cards, gratitude !

American Express, credit card?
I’m thinking of applying for either a Blue or Blue Cash from American Express. I don’t exactly know my cfedit score but it should be apt because I never miss a payment, and I’ve gotten offers from AE. My press is how does the points you get from these cards really work, do you have to spend on lasting places to qualify for points or what. I use my current credit card for gas(Tesoro, Shell), online purcahases (CD Universe), Food, ect. can someone please explain how the points work, and which card is more suitable for me the blue or blue cash if I got approved. thank you.

American Express losing your pay checks?
Has anyone been having problems near American Express lately? I have been a extremity since the 80s, and I have always loved my AmEx.However, they hold lost my payment checks three times just this year (which process that I had to pay nouns charges on past-due portions of my bills, which automatically go into “Flexible Payment” plans). They have made roughly 0 off of me because of these lost checks.Again, this has NEVER happen to me before this year… Am I the only one who think there is something fishy? Also, does anyone have any planning as to how to prevent lost checks in the future? Any input would be appreciated.

Amortization schedule?
Is there a website or free software download that offer amortization schedules that can be used to enter multiple accounts, APRs, minimum payments, etc? I, at one time, have a software program that all you did be enter your debts and interest rate, etc. and as they were compensated off added that amount to the subsequent debt payment and so on.

amount owed to lender different from collection?
I have a real simple request for information. I have an original lender that states my match is less than what the collection agency has.They state to dispatch them the payment, and they will get a remunerated in full letter from the collection agency. Will it be that undemanding? or should i pay the collection agency.

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