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Written by admin on April 8th, 2011

After file ruin I checked my credit on-line. What does a charge bad parsimonious.?
O.k. I filed bankrupcty 2 months ago and I checked my credit online. All my credit cards influence “BANKRUPTCY CHAPTER 7, XPN: Account closed at grantors request” But my auto loan says its still unstop and has 2 charge offs conceivably its from the loan and then when they repoed my motor. At the bottom of it, it says “Comments: XPN: Amt Past Due Value is Charge Off Amt” Does this be going to im done with them or are they going to try and engineer me pay it. Also they wrote Was “Derogatory”. lower than payment history. Help me out please.

After how heaps missed mortgage payments does it filch to drastically affect your credit?
Does missing 1 mortgage payment even hurt it a bit?

After making a settlement pay to a collection agency, I receive another invoice asking for more..?
So..after making a settlement payment which be supposed to end any more collection attempts, I get hold of another invoice asking for the remaining balance. I call upon their accounting department and they tell me that they never sent out any such settlement present but they did receive my payment. the hand, who wont give me her moniker, tells me that she can contribute me a settlement offer right on the spot though. I report to her I already received a settlement offer and compensated it. She told me to fax a copy of that settlement in and said that the agency would know what to do. I’m attitude a bit nervous in the order of this..seems to me similar to something fishy is going on here. Why would they have no transcript of the settlement offer self sent? What should I do? Thanks!

Airplane tickets and payment cards?
can you purchase airplane tickets with gift cards (amex)? can they be used contained by canada? at an atm?and another thing, if someone says “credit” or “debit” – what to choose? some speak credit, some say debit, but to me it would be debit since debit is “buy now, money now” and credit is “buy now, pay later” will i carry in trouble if a say debit – and what roughly a PIN – do they give that to you with the amex card?

Alimony Payments?
I wet to cout today on my devorce and strang satisfactory in this satchel I have to clear the wife 0.00 a month till it is final, about 6 months.But the deem told wife to pay the coupé payment + Ins on it+ she have to kept her company heath insurece on me till the divorce is final, So she come up about 0.00 short. It simply dont make sence to me but I am glad it crop up that way, have this happened to anyone back?? And do you think the suppot will stop at the pause of all this.

All access visa reloadable prepaid card’s payment?
i just bought one of those cards from safeway and i put 50 bucks surrounded by it but after i bought it i notice that u gotta retribution some fee..wat i want to know is how much is the reloading tax and i want if i have to earnings monthly service fee or anything else save for just getting the card and putting money contained by it my card isnt activated and it hasnt be open is within any chance that i can return it short any restriction because it said “some restiction may apply” at the bottem pls and thanks

Alright I enjoy this credit card and and I inevitability some suggestion, situation follows?
It has gone to a collections agency so I guess what I’m wondering what is the best route to give somebody a lift. I’ve heard of relations getting all the interest removed or reduced and later paid the remaining amount bad with a all right payment plan. When I speak beside these people what approach do I steal and are there knob words or phrases? Total debt amount is not that bad, close to 00 but it seems that they do want it due to adjectives the phone calls, adjectives input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Alternative ways of earn PayPal money?
I’ve been selling and buying on eBay for comparatively a long time, but I stopped doing that for about three months lately. I came fund only to see that my debit card be suspended from eBay. I contacted them to ask why, and apparently they told me that I had an outstanding go together of lb6.99 on my account. So, I told them I’m inclined to pay that because it isn’t that soaring. At the moment I hardly own any money in my mound, so paying with debit card will not be a possibility. I could try next to a cheque or postal order (that’s check and money charge for americans), but unfortunately my printer isn’t working at the moment so I can print out the taking and send it beside my postal payment. That system that my only choice is to discharge with PayPal. Now, I currently own only 17p within my PayPal account, so what can I do to afford the lb6.99 stability? I tried eBid but that’s a CRAP auction site – you register, upgrade to seller justification and then you’re trapped, you can’t even nullify your account from the website.

Am i doing the right article for my credit?
my credit score is really bleak from my college years. about six months ago, i get a credit card with orchard edge and set up automatic payment so i’m never deferred and only engender small purchases. i have set up alike thing for my student loans. do you suppose this is enough to advance my credit?

Am I doing the right item near my husbands fruitless debt?
My husband has ,000 within debt in occur before we get together.12,000 of it is past due things he have stopped paying on, the other ,000 is his car. I want to mart the car and bring back a junker for ,000 or so. Then get a personal loan below my name because I hold good credit and salary off the ,000. We will appropriate the money we would normally use on his coupé insurance (a junker will be a lot cheaper) and vehicle payment towards the up to date loan. Is this the best way to stir about it? Any push for?

Am I going to be forced to live surrounded by a cardboard box?
I will graduate in 2 weeks beside a Master’s degree contained by Mental Health Counseling. Yes, this is a great accomplishment, but it has come near a hefty pricetag of about ,000 (undergrad debt included). Unfortunately, my parents never have the important “these are loans you will enjoy to pay stern someday” talk, and I irresponsibly racked up serious debt. I own private and federal loans and they are all starting to come out of deferment and I am anxious to death!! Even next to my Master’s, I am entering one of the lowest paying professions on the face of the planet, and nearby is NO way I can even come close to paying the minimum monthly payments (one consolidated loan itself have a payment of 00/mo.). In PS, I will have a 0/mo. loan transfer of funds (to my mom) for paying off ,000 worth of credit card debt.I don’t even know where on earth to begin and I unease the worst: garnished wages, undermined credit (which is really good right now), and not self able to survive.Any sincere guidance?

Am I going to Jail? Tampa, Florida?
I’m scared. I’m 21 and I’m surrounded by debt about ,000.Now, I enjoy a Credit Card with HSBC and I’m really overdue because post situation but now I enjoy been competent to pay close to a month (the min. payment is $ 135) for this month.I lately got a memorandum from them saying if I don’t rate this, it will go to collections and they will pursue this crust to get the collection of this narrative.I’m scared, I don’t want to shift to jail for a credit card. What are the law and stuff and what can they do to me? It’s not like I’m NOT paying at adjectives, I’m giving what I can. Please help me.

am i justifiably responsible to payment my disabled husbands credit card debt which i did not use or sign for?
when my husband became brain diluted due to injury we lost our collective income, and now rely on his disability. i wrote his credit card company of this certainty and offered to pay his bill at the sum of 25.00 a month as this be all i could afford. they refuse and i no longer attempted to pay. they are in a minute suing him for the amount and i have to progress to court to rep him. am i responsible for his debt?

Am I qualified to take an vehicle Loan from the Bank?
I make around almost 800 dollars working part time. My Wife recieves SSI and I involve a car. She recieves something like 6 each month. So we own a total balance of 56. We live near my uncle so we don’t pay rent. I enjoy 2 cell phone to pay which totals dollars. Insurance on my other saloon is about . My credit evaluation is okay I still owe like 200 on one card and 300 on the other. I save up 2,000 dollars for a down payment. Will I qualify to draw from a 15,000 dollar loan?

Am I Responsible For My Wifes Debt?
When I met my wife she have virtuous credit and I did too.She put me on her credit cards and made me an authorized user. Instead of her using her cards she have me purchase everything and sign my describe.I never give my written concurrence for her to do this or provided my social payment number on her accounts.She over a year or so borrowed money on those cards beside using my issued credit card that be still on her explanation. We be married during that time and I be curious if she have massive amounts of money that she owes am I responsible even though I be just an authorized signer? Can I return with

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