Consumer PR on the Up As Recession Deepens

Written by admin on April 28th, 2011

With the current downturn in the country’s economy impacting on every type of industry the importance of sustaining or engaging in new innovative public relations campaigns is benefiting the PR business, as companies move to emphasis that their business is thriving to the general public.
Whilst many companies are making cut-backs in every sector of their business in order to ride out the worst of the economic crisis, astute companies are realising the importance of continuing with their public relations or engaging in new public relations strategies to boost brand awareness.

Advertising budgets may be seeing a decline, however public relations budgets are being reduced far more slowly by the majority of companies.

PR companies are offering a multitude of different public relations strategies and tactics which are focusing on grabbing the public’s attention by using digital media as a tool to promote businesses locally, nationally and internationally.

This form of public relations can be far more cost effective than conventional methods of PR, moreover they can be used to target specific audiences more cost effectively or be used to promote businesses and brands to a wider global audience depending on the size of each individual company, their public relations budget, as well as focusing on individual products and services businesses are offering.

Social networking has become an important factor for many companies, with firms such as Kwik Fit offering Facebook communications to their client group as a way to build public confidence and promote their services to a global market. It is believed that many companies who used the more traditional print ad marketing techniques will turn to public relations campaigns as a positive way to maintain and promote their brands or services.

The use of online marketing and public relations is expected to become a major part of a positive way forward during the foreseeable future. Newspaper and magazine expose will continue to be a part of consumer PR for many companies with a boost by using online counterparts such as RSS feeds and subscriber lists to keep consumers informed of emerging and current trends without any direct costs to their customers. This type of consumer contact is also perceived by many to be far more effective than email bombardment which many consumers are beginning to ignore due to the vast quantities of spam and junk mail they receive on a daily basis.

PR companies are also seeing a upsurge in the use of road shows and organised events as a positive method of generating public interest in products, and while businesses are expecting far more for their money in terms of the number of events being held within a year, they see these type of marketing and public relations activities as a very open demonstration to the public that their business is thriving and will continue to do so.

Having to make cut-backs across all departments and areas of business will undoubtedly continue as the recession continues to squeeze tighter. However, having an effective consumer PR campaign to demonstrate viability and boost consumer confidence in companies, their products and services is seen to be one of the most effective ways to stay afloat during these difficult economic times.

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