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Written by admin on April 7th, 2011

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Does this newly come near the software??sustain?
well its for the dazzle and i already own the dazzle for xp and am getting an mac so does this product just come near the software or both the dazzle + software.Link is below.…

Does this nouns resembling a scam on craigslist?
hi i was trying to get rid of my ps2 on craigslist… and som1 said they’l buy it but they wana use paypal. so i said im not confortable and wanted them to paly mor if i have to ship. so then he said hed use a money establish and asked for my full name and adress. and give me his zip code. and he said 380 be fine(wich seems close to a ton) so he says he will giv me the moeny command then under the weather send him the ps2. does that nouns like a scam? it newly felt funny to me

Does this Use vigour?
Does it still uses energy when the plug is still within the outlet, but your on using it?

Does Walmart check serial numbers on a DVD Player Return?
I bought a DVD player that looks like it be either used or returned?!?!?! Im trying to find out if they will check the serial number on it to notify me whether or not its been used?

Does really work? can you brick someone’s cell phone or Ipod using a net site appliance?
The site looks like it really works. They utter they can generate a small electrostatic field from an LCD approaching a lap top that if you hold an Iphone or Ipod or any electronic device it will generate a charge that will create a small electro-magnetic corral in that device. That corral then “feeds” stale the power in the freestyle of the portable device eventually either building to the point where on earth it directly creates the a very tiny EMP resembling pulse in the device or builds up adequate static that as soon as it is grounded it will discharge. I know a small static charge can “brick” RAM or a CPU. Could really work? And if so, how can you prevent “bricking”??

Drum Set back?
Is the bottom cymbal in a big hat supposed to be adjectives wobly and like moveable, or is it supposed to be close to the top one. Help plz. I need to practice profusely and i cant bc the high headdress annoys me bc i think it doesnt nouns right….

DSL and TV?
In my room I have one cable outlet item for my tv (I have Charter Digital Cable) and one phone jack. I own internet through Charter also, so it is DSL. I wanna move the computer into my room but the internet uses a cable jack, but like I said past, I only own one and that is used by the tv. Can I somehow run the internet through the phone jack within my room? I need some concept on what to do here…..

Dtv what is the system?
dtv is coming what I want to ask is what is the system being used for example right presently I’am watching super vga on this computer , and when I watch the word on my ntsc system tube tv its analog peaks and vallyes not ones and zero that system I fully understand . what I would close to to ask is the name of the system so I can lookup the nuts and bolts of it. thankyou terribly much . gurkirpal singh www.longbeard1407(at)

Dudes, can someone explain the integral…free internet on the psp piece, a touch simpler…?
i mean, near all these big words, i freshly DONT know… I dont understand adjectives this stuff, completely new to me…..!! HELPPPP!

During a live show, how can we project the representation from a video camera onto a eyeshade wirelessly 100 ft away?
I work for a live show in a big auditorium. Currently I use a 100ft cable to connect the video camera at the put a bet on to the projector on the stage, to project the video live. I would like to know how we can avoid the 100ft cable and do this wireless-ly. If I can do it wirelessly afterwards I can move the camera and still keep the projection going on.

DVD -> .vob -> .mp4 conversion problems?
ok so i got an ipod, i want my dvds on it, i downloaded videora and videoras recomended dvd decrypter, i decrypted my dvds and next converted the resulting .vob to .mp4 problem is only one of the .mp4 files actualy works properly, the rest adjectives have nouns that is out of sync next to the movie by about 1-2 second to about 4-5 second and one movie is cut short by about 10mins, i downloaded a .vob player to see if the .vob profile was the problem, but the .vob record seemed to play alright, i in recent times want my dvds on my iPod, can someone help?

DVD Converter?
What is the best DVD converter for “my videos” to put on my computer.

DVD Decoders (UK)?
UK Daily Mail newspaper have given away many DVDs within recent months. I have the entire set of “The World At War” but can’t play them. I seize an error message saying I do not enjoy the necessary decoder. An email to the Daily Mail relief desk did not help. Please, what decoder do I require ? and where on earth can I download it from. Ian M

DVD File Conversion…?
I’m trying to rip a movie….I don’t care so much just about burning it to a blank DVD, I just want the files to scrutinize on my computer. I used DVDShrink to rip the files to .VOB and .ISO files. I tried downloading Auto Gordian Knot but that’s way too much trouble for one movie. What can I use to convert the .VOB and .ISO files to avi or window media that isn’t sturdy to use?

Dvd player can’t read the dvd?
how to fix it, dvd player!

Dvd player or hdd that plays rmvb?
i was thinking something like buying another dvd player or a hdd like the hp store and play but i be not sure if the hdd plays rmvb. I also dont know if there are any dvd players which play that format.. If anyone have a dvd player or that hd please tell me if rmvb video work on the hdd or if there are any dvd players which play that format

DVD player reset give support to?
My SANYO SL20 DVD player is locked on strict parental controls. I forgot the password and if a movie says anything the tiniest bit bad it blocks out the adjectives sentence. anyone know any codes to reset the password?

DVD player ribbon cable?
I am a technician, but I have never worked on a portable DVD player until that time. I sometimes do special projects for the owner of the company I work for, including TV and personal computer repairs… I have never hold opened a portable DVD player. He brought it to me claiming it wouldn’t read DVDs. I tested it out, and this is true. I open the player to view the internal, and the little ribbon cable to be precise supposed to be attached to the laser has be disconnected somehow. I have be trying for the past 20 or 30 minutes trying to plug it backbone in but I am afraid I will despoil it, because it’s so fragile. I just can’t come across to get it surrounded by all the route, and I can’t fit my hand underneath the lid far enough to draw from a good grip. I also tried using some needlenose pliers but I give up on those too because, again, I was afraid of hurtful it. I tried looking online for some information, but I can’t seem to find anything bar PC ribbon cables. All positive suggestions are make the acquaintance of!

DVD player will solitary play 2 dike audio from movies.?
If I try and watch a DVD beside only Dolby 5.1 nouns tracks on it, I cannot hear the sound. If the DVD have a 2 channel audio track afterwards I can hear it, but I thought even a 5.1 audio soundtrack on a DVD could be heard through stereo speakers, as the DVD player would convert internally and dispatch the sound through the 2 warren output ? I have looked through the option in the audio menu on the DVD player but it hasn’t solved the problem. I enjoy the new Italian Job movie, which solely has Dolby 5.1 nouns tracks on it, so I can’t hear any dialogue ? How can I get my DVD player to play 5.1 through the 2 trough output jacks ?

DVD Region code shift LG LH-T3632?
Can anyone perhaps assist me on making my DVD-player (as mentioned above) region free?

DVD to VCD nero burning?
I dont have DVD player at home but VCD player.But I hold DVD writer at office.Now When I affix DVD files in nero for burning to VCD(at office),it does solitary half of movie. Suggest me to write full movie on VCD disc(probably two cds required).thnxxx surrounded by advance

DVD won’t eject out of TV?
I brought a LCD TV/DVD combo (Toshiba) about two months ago, and it’s be working great until TODAY. I played a DVD and wanted to switch it out for another one. When I hit the eject button nil happened, you can hear it trying to work but zilch, it just continues to start the movie over again. Is here something can do to fix the problem? There is not really a place to take it to procure fixed since I’m on a military installation, and sending it to the manufacture (States) will cost me an arm and a leg. Help!

I donnot want any thing be set to because i am still very disappointed. Okay my GGma died in Feb. My dad be given a VHS (and knows that i am the electronic person) and told me to find a mode to take the VHS and verbs it to a DVD. How do i do that? Who can i call to comfort me How do i do this I need relief please. This is the last video of my great grandparents at Christmas time and this is the first death we hold hit hard. Please i call for help. Thank

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