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Written by admin on April 7th, 2011

I Purchased Auto Traffic Avalanche.Heres My Personal Review + Exclusive Offer Auto Traffic Avalanche create by Kieran Gill and Imran S. and was realeased on August 19,2010

If you are looking for lazer targeted traffic to your site Auto Traffic Avalache is a must have.I currently have 4 domains which i’m using other SEO tools on to get traffic.I took one of my domains,Forum Backlinks and used this software with insane results.

Day 1: Saw 324 more unique visitors to my site 24 hours.

Day 2: 506 more UV’s and 4th page on Google for my main keyword.

Day 3: 752 unique views and 2cd page of Google.

Day 4: 1008 UV’s and top of 2cd page of Google for my keyword.

Day 5: Over 2000 unique views and first page of Google for my top Keyword.

This Is Powerful As Hell!

As you can see Auto Traffic Avalanche is a must have for any SEO project and can get you in the top position of Google in no time flat.

Get Auto Traffic Avalanche Today!

Here’s Some Things I Love About Auto Traffic Avalanche

You may or may not heard of Kieran or Imran. They both coauthored the Affiliate X course by Chris X which was the best selling Internet marketing course at Clickbank.

Kieran Gill is an expert on SEO and organic traffic while Imran S is a wizard in Twitter marketing. Earlier this year they both released their own products – 9 to 5 Annihilation from Kieran and Tweetomatic Profitter from Imran.

Based on his previous products, I expect Auto Traffic Avalanche to be just as high quality.
What Is Auto Traffic Avalanche

Auto Traffic Avalanche is all about placing simple display ads on two traffic sources. One of them has very large user base and is relatively new to most Internet marketers.

The second traffic source has just opened up 9 or 10 months ago and most people have never even heard of it. Personally I have been using it since the end of May after I bought a 0 course that revealed this traffic source. I have been making a killing with it and frankly I am not happy that Kieran and Imran are giving away this traffic source for a measly . It’s just not fair!

Kieran and Imran claim Auto Traffic Avalanche and its unique software are the most effective way to make serious money in the shortest time. That’s a pretty bold statement. They also states this is completely underground and they would be shocked if most of the leading super affiliates even knew much about this secret technique.

There is no doubt that traffic generation is one of the most important things to master for any Inernet marketer. Traffic is the life line of any online business.

For years affiliates have relied on paid advertising platforms like Google Adwords to bring in large quantity of visitors quickly. But that model is no longer valid. Google has shutdown tens of thousands of affiliates’ Adwords accounts. They simply don’t want your money. Other paid ad platforms have been so crowded that the costs have been sky high and it’s extremely difficult to make any profit nowadays.

Others get free traffic using SEO, blogging, article marketing, and other techniques. This is time consuming and most people simply don’t last long enough to see the fruit of their labor.

With these two traffic sources, there is no keyword research, no link building, no blog commenting, no social bookmarking, none of that. They ARE paid traffic, but the clicks are extremely cheap – at least for now.

My Thoughts On Auto Traffic Avalanche Software

The software that comes with the course has been heavily marketed but really it’s only a very small part of the course. It is only applicable to one of the two traffic sources (the other one is so simple that you don’t need any software). It is intended to solve the biggest hurdle most people have when using this particular traffic source. Most affiliates quit using this traffic source because they don’t know how to get around this hurdle.

However, from my personal experience, the software is really not needed. The hurdle is not hard to overcome. Most people simply give up without spending much time on it. All you have to do is spend a few extra hours studying the course materials and understanding this traffic source and you will have no problems at all. I’ve done it and I know anyone can do it if you are willing to take the time.

In fact, I would even go as far as to say not to use the software at all. In my opinion it’s kind of “gray hat” and I am against anything that’s not completely “white hat.”
Should You Buy Auto Traffic Avalanche

I bought Auto Traffic Avalanche as soon as the door opens on August 19th. Although I have been using the two traffic sources, I really need to learn more about demographics targeting. I’ve also learned quite a bit from its instructions on the 2nd traffic source, which will help with the campaigns I am running. It has also opened my eyes on a few opportunities that I didn’t know before.

I am so sick and tired of the cut-throat business of traditional traffic sources. I just had enough of fighting the Google slaps, the confusing Quality Scores, and their ever changing ranking algorithm. I am ready for something real, something bigger, and something better.

CAUTION: After you purchased Auto Traffic Avalanche, you will be presented with a series of upsells (I think there are 3 or 4). You may feel a bit “turned off” if you are not used to this. This is just a sales technique and as a marketer I view this as a learning experience.

Anyway, the only upsell I feel worth buying is the 10 proven campaigns that you can copy & paste. But don’t buy it right away when you are presented with the package because it will cost you 7. Instead, go through the other 2 or 3 upsells until you see the last upsell in which you get the combo of the 2 upsells (the copy & paste campaigns + ATA Xtreme profiteer) for total of . Buy it then. It’s a great value.

Weakness of Auto Traffic Avalanche

The biggest advantage with Auto Traffic Avalanche is that it explores an underground traffic source. Ironically, in my opinion it is also its biggest weakness. Why? Just ask yourself this question. What will happen when hundreds of people who bought Auto Traffic Avalanche start to use the same traffic source? How would you stay ahead of your competitors? Especially if you are a newbie, how are you going to compete with other experienced marketers that are using the same software?

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