How to Make Debt Management Program Work for you

Written by admin on March 30th, 2011

Debt Management Plans (DMPs) are debt relief programs designed for debtors who are facing debt issues. The plans involve an arrangement in which credit counseling or debt counseling agency negotiates with the creditors to get a discount on debt amount, reduce or freeze the interest rate, waive the late fees to make the monthly repayment of the debtors more manageable while they work out their way out of debt. Enrolling into a debt management program is optional, but if you are facing serious debt problem, you may benefit from it. A DMP is a guide to help you to recover your financial situation, but it won’t work unless you commit to it and participate fully. Here are some tips to get DMP work for you.

1. Choose a Debt Management Plan

It is important to carefully choose a legitimate credit counseling agency that really can help you in resolving your debt problem. Credit industry is one of the most profitable fields that many companies are too willing to take advantage of people who are already in debt trouble by earning their money without helping in their debt issues. Choosing a wrong debt management program offered by a credit counseling scam, you may worsen your financial situation. Reputable & legitimate credit counseling agency will get to understand your financial condition first, and gives you the related advices on your available options to resolve your debt issue. Then, the counselor will normally propose you a debt management program to guide through the process. Enrolling into the debt management program is an optional, but if you do decide to take up the debt management program, be sure you go through the one that really gets you a debt relief finally.

2. Get The DMP Plan in Written Document

The DMP plan must have a written agreement for you to review and sign. If any credit counseling agency proposes a DMP with a verbal promises, it better for you to reject it because you are not secured with the terms and conditions promised by the credit counseling agency. Before you sign on the agreement, make sure you carefully review the contract to ensure it specifies the monthly payments, fees, and length of time necessary until the debt is paid off.

3. Make Sure DMP is Approved

Once you have signed in a DMP plan, contact all your creditors to make sure they are aware that you have enrolled into a debt management plan. Don’t stop paying your creditors directly until you are certain the DMP has been approved. Make sure your creditors have approved the program proposal before paying your first monthly payment to the credit counseling agency. Don’t rely on the assurance from the credit counseling agency that the DMP will be automatically approved once you sign the agreement.

4. Commit Yourself to Make Regular Payments

The DMP plan won’t work without your commitment to pay your payment regularly. You must follow the Debt Management Program strictly and make the monthly payment as agreed in the DMP agreement. The credit counseling agency sometimes take a bit more time to disburse the money to your creditors; hence you must get your payments in earn. If you can’t make a payment on time, contact the DMP agency to let them know.


Debt management program is a good option for you to bring you financial back to a manageable level. But you need to do your part to ensure the debt management program work for you.

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