Don’t Let Late Payments Mar Credit Records

Written by admin on March 30th, 2011

If there are minor negative credit information that is causing your low credit scores, do something about it before it starts affecting your access to consumer credit information. You might take it lightly not but you surely will not find it anything by compelling to clean up your credit record when it makes your prospective employer turn down your application in favor of someone who has a squeaky clean credit history. Maybe unknown to you, your creditors provide information to credit reporting agencies about the details of your account. If you have late payments or if you have loans that have been written off in the past, your creditors might report these information to the consumer credit reporting agencies. They do not have to do so especially if you are able to undertake measures to mitigate your circumstances. If you have finally paid-off all your outstanding debt balance before they even had to forward your case to a collection agency, that should provide them with a good reason to strike out your bad record from your credit report.

Your consumer credit reporting agencies do not necessarily know about the background behind the negative information that is given to them. It is the responsibility of the informants to make sure that their report is based on accurate information. They are also required by law to inform the consumer of any adverse report such as late payments that they will communicate to the consumer reporting agencies. This is so that the consumer might be able to contest the inclusion of such information in his credit report. When you find such an information resulting from late payments or unpaid obligations in your credit report, you have the right to dispute its inclusion in your credit report. Aside from filing your dispute on your own you can also consult a professional credit repair agency to help you. They use other proven techniques that have helped a lot of people take out reports of late payments, delinquent accounts, and other minor credit offenses from their credit reports. Professional credit repair agencies are able to help you clean your credit history and bring up your credit scores to make you eligible for most credit facilities again.

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