How Debt Consolidation Works Out To Help You Be Debt Free

Written by admin on March 19th, 2011

Debt consolidation is a process of combining multiple debts into one for ease of management. This solution has been commonly used by those people who have debt problem to relax their debt to a more manageable level. However, it is not a solution just for people in serious financial problem; instead it can be used by anyone who has multiple credit card balances and unsecured loans to ease the debt management. Moreover, you can always consolidate your credit card balances and other unsecured loans to save money by paying less in total payment and get rid of debt faster.

In the debt consolidation process, it is important to select the right consolidation rate because the apparent nominal differences in rate can actually help you to save a lot of money. Other than that, how you plan to repay the loan and you financial affordability do affect how much money you can save from a debt consolidation. Let’s explore the right steps to consolidate your debt that can help you to save money while helping you become debt free faster.

Before you start searching for the right debt consolidation packages, you should first compile your total credit card and unsecured loan balances so that you know how much consolidation loan to look for while calculating a monthly repayment that is comfortable to your financial level. For our elaboration purpose, let assume you have a total debt of ,000 with average interest rate of 16% and you are paying the minimum due of 5% of the balances each month. With your current payment method, you will need 158 months to clear your debt and pay a total of ,870 of interest. How a debt consolidation can help you to save the interest while helping you to clear your debt faster?

Once you have the debt figure, the next step is to get the best debt consolidation rate. You can search through online from websites containing different quotes from lenders. Be aware that these quotes may contain hidden cost, so make sure you get the detail information that includes fees, charges incurred and associated costs from the lender you are dealing with. With today’s lowest interest rate ever in the credit world, you can find very good deals if you have averagely good credit score. If you have a ,000 debt, then get a ,000 consolidation loan, don’t ever try to get more than that even you are eligible for higher consolidation loan because you will create more debt instead of reducing it. Since you afford to pay ,500 monthly (the minimum 5% of ,000), then try to maintain the loan repayment at this amount.

Let’s see how it works out if you manage to get a ,000 consolidation loan with a interest rate at 10%. You use the consolidation loan to pay off your consolidated debt and you maintain a fixed ,500 monthly payment. With this loan repayment method, you will need only 22 months to be debt free and you just pay ,955 of interest. As compare to the debt payment without consolidation, 158 month & ,870 of interest, you save 15 of interest and be debt free in less than 2 years. Can you see how a debt consolidation works out to help you be debt free in quickest and cost effective way?


Debt consolidation is not just combining multiple debts into one, but it can help you to save a lot of money in term of interest while enabling you to be debt free fast.

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