Debt Free Living – Making Easy Choices For A Better Life

Written by admin on March 19th, 2011

A new approach to debt free living is to see your indulgences then find gratifying lower cost or free substitutions. Now days it looks obvious how holding debt can make a lot of problems for lots of people. As a result many of us have begun to think about debt free living.

Ride your bicycle before you jump in the car. Bring a banana instead of that buying that muffin. You will be healthier as a result and save on medical care in the long run as well. Fresh food will help there too, it costs less than those “time saving” pre made meals or anything eaten out.

If you don’t like any of those ideas then think of your own. What is the freedom from the burden of carrying a big load of debt really worth to you?

Talking more to with your kids is free, and believe me, that is what they really want to get, more than stuff from stores. It costs nothing to volunteer your time somewhere. The fulfillment we think we had from much of the stuff we bought can be had in ways that cost little or nothing. Apply what you save to paying off your debts. Focus on one debt at a time and pay extra to pay it off completely. The reward when you pay off that account is is a powerful modivator.

To many times we buy stuff we really don’t need as a way to to manage stress and to feel better.But if you have less stress and feel better already because you don’t have any debt? Then, guess what, you will find you do not want to buy so much stuff. What a gratifying irony.

When you take some time to look at what you do spend money on will realize how you can spend less. The trick is to live your life and find better ways to make your life feel fun and positive. There is life after more stuff.

Of course there is a lots of wonderful stuff to buy everywhere, always has been and always will be. Beautiful things, fast things, new things. I have bought my share as well. Today as I see the real cost of the debt I built up because of how much hard work it has required to lower this debt burden I see the real cost was greater than the price.

To begin debt free living the simple begining is believe it is possible. When you realize that freedom cannot be bought with a credit card you are on your way. You will have an ever more well-off and more better life when you get the debt monkey off your back.

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