The 4 Tips How Your Internet Business Ideas Should Build Backlinks

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

Now it is important to favour Google and to plan your internet business link building campaign in the way, that it fits with the Google algorithms, i.e. that the influence on the ranking power is maximal.

1. When You Plan Your Internet Business Linking Campaign, Do You Use One Medium Group Or Several Medium Groups?

Is it enough, if you write blog comments only or is it more effective to use several mediums, like article writing and distribution, blog commenting, social bookmarking, pinging, forums, manual link submitting etc.? The answer is simple, the more mediums you use, the more effective is the linking power and the amount of visitors.

2. The Anchor Text Is The Key.

The job of the anchor text is simply, that it says to Google, what is the topic of your writing. Google can use this information for the ranking purposes. So every time you write something about your internet business, remember to use an anchor text.

The anchor text is also important, when you plan to increase your ranking on the result page of some keyword. Even a few links from the authority sites with high PR can draw your site many steps upwards.

3. Concentrate On The Authority Internet Business Sites Or Blogs.

The links from other internet business authority sites to your site have magical influence on the ranking and on the amount of new visitors. Google respects these votes greatly and the more you can get them the better.

The sites, that have naturally a high authority, or PR, are the article directories, some of the internet business forums and some the high traffic, do follow blogs.

4. Build A List Of Effective Linking Sites.

Of course you have favorite mediums, but the variety of mediums is important from the Google reasons, so it is wise to create an internet business linking site list.

It should include some social bookmarking sites, some high PR article directories, some pinging service, a few high PR, do follow blogs, one or two internet business forums and maybe some special link building submission campaign.

The blogs, which use a top commentators list are very useful, because the list is on the sidebar and this same site bar is on every single page. When you succeed to climb among the top ten commentators, your link points from all pages of that blog to your site with the anchor text. This tactics can bring hundreds of links very easily.

To sum up the message in this article, it is important to build links from many different, high authority mediums and always to use an anchor text with the keyword. These links have a great, long term influence on your internet business, because in most mediums they stay alive for many years.

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