Small Business Phone Systems – Less Expensive, More Efficient

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

Small business phone systems ensure smooth business communication in all small and medium businesses. They are less expensive than traditional phone systems and come with several features that facilitate efficient telecommunication.

Cost Saving Features

While expanding your small business, you might have to install additional phone lines in your office. With the IP PBX phone system you can add or remove extensions through a single phone line, as these are entirely web-based. You can therefore add as many phone lines as you want at no additional cost.

Small Business Phone Systems with Efficient Functionalities

Small business PBX systems offer great efficiency with their advanced communication features.

Get Efficient Call Routing – The interactive auto attendant manages all incoming calls efficiently. Callers never get line busy signals as calls are automatically greeted and directed to the desired extensions without delay. Callers can dial directly to up to 100 different personal extensions or departments making use of capabilities like dial-by-extension, dial-by-name, and full call transfer/forwarding.

Work from Anywhere: These phone systems are the best solutions if you have a small business as you work from anywhere without missing a call, while giving callers the impression that you are in a corporate office. Even if your employees are in different global locations, the phone system with its dedicated local or toll-free business phone number makes it seem that they are in one office.

Sophisticated Call Management: The wide selection of advanced call management features of the small business phone system helps you serve your customers better. Unattended calls are sent to voicemail boxes, where the callers can leave voice messages. These can be retrieved later. You can also receive encrypted business faxes via email.

Expensive Hardware not required

As these phone systems are hosted, they are managed from the service provider’s site. The small business office does not have to install any expensive hardware to set it up. The small business PBX phone systems function mainly through a web-based interface. Small offices just need a phone line and an Internet connection to set it up.

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