Serious Organised Crime – Financial Scam By The British American Security Expert

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

The proliferation of e-commerce based businesses on the internet has not escaped the attention of serious organised crime lords. These aspiring entrepreneurs have decided that their transnational crime business offering cleverly and sometimes not so cleverly disguised financial scams should benefit from the cyber space gold rush.

Many business owners are aware of what the serious organised crime agency calls scams Nigerian. Many security experts and business consultants feel that because this variant of the gangsters crime has been running for several years that security complacency is setting in.

If for one moment you think that no one would ever get taken in by this gang crime offering serious amounts of money to greedy and gullible business owners then think again.

As a security expert, I have dealt with numerous business clients who although being very astute and intelligent business entrepreneurs have fallen victim to greed and been suckered in to the transnational crime of financial scams.

The premise of every financial scam lies in the perpetrator convincing the human target that he or she will receive a very large sum of unregistered cash for providing little if any financial outlay.

However given that this is frequently perpetrated by serious organised crime lords there are hidden dangers which every business owner should know about scams Nigerian and other gang crime related financial scams.

The British American Security Expert reports that many business owners are being targeted by serious organised crime syndicates offering variants of a financial scam.

Many of these internet based financial scams have become known by every security expert & business consultant as scams Nigerian. This gangsters crime is now recognised by the serious organised crime agency as a transnational crime. This gang crime can have a deadly outcome.

Another new year and another variant of the old scams Nigerian serious organised crime financial scam.

Over the years I’ve been promised, yes promised a 50% share in ,000,000 fortune left lying in a Nigerian Bank by a deceased Prince who’s daughter wants me to sign a few papers and simply visit Nigeria to pick up the money from the bank.

I don’t know what I’ve done to attract this Nigerian business middle man to become my-self appointed finance pimp, but when I failed to respond to his gracious initial offer, he took it upon himself to offer many other different tranches of cash ranging from ,000,000 to £100,000,00. He constantly informs me via e-mail that I simply have to save a Princess, or the family of a deceased Ruler and I can pocket half of these vast fortunes. And the bonus is, this guy is a master business marketeer and although his PHD in marketing comes from ‘the school of gang crime hard knocks’ he understands the need for persistence. He also understands the mindset of a busy western business person and has minimised the downtime to be spent in Nigeria. To achieve this, one only has to supply him with one’s bank account details.

I can hear you screaming at me, but hold on, my Pimp assures me on the soul of his dead mother, that everything is above board and my bank details are safe, 100% guaranteed. In these uncertain times that’s a better guarantee than Lehman’s bank and Northern Rock.

Over the years my-self appointed finance pimp has even graciously introduced me to his brothers and sisters, who have all contacted me with equally fantastic multi-million dollar deals.

How courteous is that, he’s obviously a prolific business networker looking to develop his own affiliate marketing business. It’s amazing how this family can identify so many individuals willing to part with 50% of their multimillion dollar inheritances, if I just provide my bank details and visit Nigeria.

Given my latest e-mail, it appears he has now developed a Network Marketing branch to his business, but keen to maintain integrity, he is only recruiting his family members into his down lines.

I found the following e-mail from his cousin, a banker in an Islamic Development Bank very tempting. Hell he even writes in a way that I can almost decipher without having to call on my MI5 code breaking connections.

Received on February 14th 2009. As follows…

Dear friend

I am Mr Daniel Kuso a banker in Islamic development bank. My cousin asked me to contact you because of your discreetino. I contacted you now on a business deal of us,000.000, to transfer to your account The depositor of the said fund died with his entire family during the Iraq war in 2004.

The customer & his entire family died, unfortunately, leaving nobody for the claim. if we make this claim, we will share it 40%/60%. If you are interested reply I will give you the full details.

Waiting for reply Best reegardes, Mr. Daniel Kuso

If I’m aware of one thing, it’s that my finance pimp is a shining beacon of hope for how a small business can prosper and expand globally in such a relatively short period of time.

He clearly learnt from the serious organised crime university financial scam degree program. His Professor at the gang crime Business University must have taught him that marketing is all about researching your prospective clients, and then building a long term rapport with them.

Scams Nigerian, what a business, and such global expansion. My finance pimp now has offices in Nigeria, Chad, Congo, Niger, Sudan and Somalia. I’ve no doubt he will receive great acclaim and masses of business innovation awards for successfully expanding his business into lawless regions of the African Continent.

If only the serious organised crime agency had the funds to expand globally in such a relatively short period of time.

On a more serious note, I’m known as the British American Security Expert, a security specialist and I’ve provided my services in 42 countries to numerous business entrepreneurs and corporate executives. All of who have conducted business in politically unstable regions and war zones.

Clearly the above is a financial scam by organised or sometimes dis-organised and dysfunctional crime syndicates which originate in Nigeria.

You might have read the above and saw straight through it, however this financial scam is built of a solid foundation of greed, and unfortunately a lot of rational business people are motivated by greed. I know for a fact that different variants of this financial scam work.

A few years ago I was providing a VIP protective service to business executives in Georgia USA, when I found out two of them had been taken in by the offer of million dollars if they flew into Nigeria after providing their bank details.

I had extensive experience of financial scams and in particular had dealt with several other cases relating to what just about every professional security expert calls scams Nigerian.

I persuaded these two intelligent businessmen to cancel their visit just a few hours before their plane departed; but too late to stop their bank accounts being raided.

Ever heard the phrase, if it looks like a duck and it sounds like a duck, then it’s a duck? This always looks like a gangsters crime financial scam and it always sounds like a gang crime financial scam, therefore it’s nothing other than a transnational crime financial scam.

There are only downsides to giving your bank details to a stranger and then flying into Nigeria. Best case scenario is you will become the victim of identity theft and your bank finances will be raided.

Next scenario is you could be kidnapped for ransom. Worst case scenario you may be executed to cover the criminals tracks. Either way, you obviously lose.

Don’t for one moment think it could never happen to you or even to someone you know. In my role as the british american security expert and International business consultant over the last few years I have had personal hands on involvement with 6 different transnational crime financial scams cases, and have been made aware of many more.

Trust your gut feeling and if you are still unsure contact me for a security consultation. If ever you are tempted by the lure of £25.000.000 million pounds for a one day trip to Nigeria then please contact the serious organised crime agency because for sure you are being targeted by a gangsters crime run by serious organised crime lords.

‘Special Forces know when to arrive and when to leave. They never overstay their welcome.’

Taken from The Art of Business War A Special Forces Approach to Business Growth

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